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17-Year-Old McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Girl Rushed To Hospital

Stacey Irvine the McNugget Girl

17-year-old Stacey Irvine loves McDonalds Chicken McNuggets, so much so that it’s almost all she has eaten for the last 15 years and that fact may have led her to be hospitalized this week.

According to Daily Mail the teenager “has eaten almost nothing else apart from chicken nuggets for 15 years.”

If that isn’t bad enough a source close to the girl says:

“Shocked doctors learned of her habit when [she] collapsed and was taken to hospital after struggling to breathe. Miss Irvine, who has never eaten fruit or vegetables, had swollen veins in her tongue and was found to have anaemia…. But, despite being warned that she could die if she sticks to her nugget addiction, she still can’t resist the fast food.”

Apparently it’s not just McDonald’s McNuggets as Stacey says KFC and even supermarket brands are also fine by her although she prefers her chicken nuggets to be cooked by employees of the golden arches.

In the meantime her mom says she has taken her daughter to a specialist to no avail. As her mom tells the Metro:

“She’s been told in no uncertain terms that she’ll die if she carries on like this. But she says she can’t eat anything else.”

Let’s give this one a few more years and then check back in on this post to read her obituary.

And what’s up with crazy McDonald’s people these days, remember the Naked McDonald’s Drive-Thru Couple? Perhaps someone should start a “People of McDonald’s” website.

Would you be willing to eat one single food for the rest of your life if given the choice?

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34 Responses to “17-Year-Old McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Girl Rushed To Hospital”

  1. Cat Furniss

    Unless you eat ALL the chicken including eyes, bones and brains you will be missing a lot of vital nutrients not found in meat. Vit C and Retinol for example.

  2. Aaron Cranford

    You're missing the point. "Chicken" nuggets at McDonald's is not made out of chicken.

  3. Aaron Cranford

    You're missing the point. "Chicken" nuggets at McDonald's is not made out of chicken.

  4. Cat Furniss

    Haven't you seen 'supersize me'? It's 100% chicken breast in the nuggets. Just obtained in a disgusting way.

    Has anyone tried forcing this girl to watch a vid on how they're made? That should put her off.

  5. Kyle Lisowski

    If she only eats chicken nuggets she must not be very exploratory in bed.

  6. Mike Bean

    I think there's a typo there. "MAY have led her to be hospitalized". OF COURSE it led her to be hospitalized! Duh.

  7. Left Coast Tim

    Good job, mom and dad. Clearly, a giggly 17-year old girl is TOTALLY-CAPABLE of making all of her lifestyle and health choices. Relax, you've done nothing wrong….other than conceiving her in the first place and then, apparently, giving her the keys to her own life at way too early an age. Congrats!

  8. Jeff Leppard Marsh

    I'd call her an organ donor, but who'd want the junk inside that trunk?

  9. Michelle Schnatterer-Brown

    That's disgusting, I am not thrilled with McDonalds to begin with. Not to mention I have a 2 year old son, I would NEVER let him eat only chicken nuggets everyday. What kind of parent would I be? I'm proud to say that, whether he likes the taste or not, he will what is given to him. I do not "cave in" and buy him crap, just so he will eat. Maybe this girl should try Ensure if she really "can't eat anything else".

  10. Michelle Schnatterer-Brown

    She doesnt eat any fruits or vegetables. Which are important in a healthy diet. Its not just that shes eating chicken. Its the fact that, even thou chicken is good for you, just chicken, or one of anything, is not good for you. There are guidelines for a reason, people everyday study what the body needs for a healthy development.

  11. John Priga

    Just reading this makes me wanna stat away from Chicken period.

  12. Brett Bouler

    Ignorance abounds in this family, apparently. No excuse for this behavior and the allowing of it. Her own or that of her ignorant mother and father. Just stupidity to the nth degree. Hope she doesn't die, but if she does — it's their own fault. People know better, yet they just continue to bound through life being totally ignorant and stupid. How sad is that?

  13. Angelika Padro

    well, it is made of chicken….ALL of the chicken, grinded up into a puree and then enhanced with artificial flavoring and solidified, otherwise it'll taste like crap. It's one of the most disgusting processes done to food out there and a hideous, unhealthy thing to eat.

  14. Cat Furniss

    Actually as evidenced on the 'supersize me' doc, they do only use chicken breast. Which they've given the chicken god knows what to give it massive breasts so they get more meat from each chicken. (wonder if I can get some of that?) It's chicken breast, salt, and probably eggs flour and milk in the batter. I agree with you though most chicken nuggets that you buy from stores etc are made of mechanically separated chicken, the bits no-one will eat, then processed together. Disgusting. I eat McD's ones very very rarely but I prefer the beef burgers :) Although obviously Burger King burgers are vastly superior, just overpriced!
    Disclaimer: The info I have about the process making Chicken McNuggets is based on an old documentary and McD's changed a lot of their practices after that doc aired. So it's possible the chicken is less modified now.

  15. Cat Furniss

    I've just read the associated articles and have found that this silly little girl says she's NEVER TRIED fruit and veg. How does she know she can't eat it? Eating disorders are serious and she needs professional help if she can't bring herself to eat some tasty fruit or a salad with some nice dressing… Try a chicken caesar salad love, or some hunters chicken with peas and carrots on the side. All yummy yummy food.

  16. Cat Furniss

    In that case they're probably slightly better for your general health than eating 100% chicken breast nuggets (is that a TM then or false advertising?) as they'll contain more of the vital nutrients needed by the body…

  17. Ashley Duffy

    I was watching one of those weight loss shows the other day and this family were given a shopping list of stuff to but for their new diet. They had to google spinach to find out what it was and the man claimed to have never eaten a vegetable in his life. They seemed strangely proud of it.

  18. Cat Furniss

    I'm quite proud of the fact that I won't willingly eat a lolly containing ants or scorpions, and that I've never seen Top Gun. If I'd never heard of a carrot I'd be more ashamed tbh…

  19. Cat Furniss

    Was it the one with the self proclaimed ex-fatty helping 'fat' (read: Dangerously obese) families? I caught five minutes of one the other night. The guy had a double heart attack and they called in the expert and they were still eating the same stuff… not even tried to cut down or anything…
    Personally if I was trying to draw someone over to healthy foods I'd start with something with hidden veg like a bolognaise, then gradually introduce stronger tastes like spinach… it was a long time before I could tolerate spinach :)

  20. Ashley Duffy

    I'm weirdly obsessed with spinach, have been since I was a kid. Still can't tolerate sprouts though. Yuk.

  21. John Ambrose

    …this golden arches joint buys the lowest quality offal for their meats, and uses the most disease prone beef for their hamburgers, says investigative reports.

  22. Christa Joy Feagin

    You have the parents to blame for such habits. She's 17yrs old and has been consistently been fed this type of diet for 15yrs. You're telling us that a parent can't teach your child to eat fruits and vegetables? So tired of hearing this nonsense! People have to be accountable. All this does is insight mockery for this girl.

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