elephant's mourn calf

Elephants Will Never Forget Death of Calf [Video]

A herd of elephants at Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo mourned the loss of a three-month old baby calf named Lola this week. Panang, Lola’s mother, and the rest of the herd gathered to say goodbye to the baby elephant.

When Panang had finished saying goodbye, the rest of the elephants took turns laying their trunks on Lola’s head.

Lola suffered from a condition that made it difficult for her to breath. The baby elephant was scheduled to have groundbreaking surgery later this week. Zoo director and veterinarian Dr Andreas Knieriem, said:

“Considering the pathology, it has to be said it’s a miracle that she lived as long as she did… Her arteries were so blocked that blood couldn’t flow through her lungs anymore.”

Barcoft Media reports that Lola died on January 21st, 2012, during a CT scan ahead of her operation. The body was brought back to the herd where her mother, Panang, and the rest of the heard could say goodbye.

Here’s a video of the elephant herd mourning the loss of Lola.

Did you know that elephants mourned their dead?