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Callista Gingrich’s Hair Explained [Video]


Have you seen Callista Gingich’s hair? There’s something alien about it. Something unexplainable. The platinum blonde helmet has been a frequent topic of conversation and there has been some stellar research on the topic.

According to an article in Slate, the Callista Gingrich hair cut costs about $400. Newt’s third wife gets her hair done at the Andre Chreky salon in D.C. (the New Yorker says she gets it down at the Sugar House in Virginia) for $300. She has her hair done by Andre himself, which costs an extra $90. According to the article this happens about once every six weeks which comes out to a little over $3000 a year.

Newt Gingrich revealed yesterday that he made over $3 million in 2010, so $3000 isn’t too much to spend to make Callista Gingrich look like the alien in Mars Attacks.

mars attacks

So just what does Andre do to achieve the bewildering look? Well, he hasn’t given exact details. (And he may not be the real stylist.)

Gawker talked to Michael Angelo, the owner of Wonderland Beauty Parlor, to see if they could get some insight into Callista Gingrich’s hair. Angelo said:

“I’m thinking it must be set with a curling iron and combed out. There’s no way it’s done with a blow dryer and a round brush. I don’t know how you get that out of a blow dryer alone…”

Angelo said she probably uses some sort of mouse as a foundation and then uses hair spray until it almost kills her. And if someone came into his salon to get the Callista Gingrich hair cut…

“Someone who is not a drag queen? Like a real girl? I would have to start with the cut. It has to be short enough layers around the top where you can bulk it up high without having too much weight.”

Several politicians have tried to pull of the hair style of Mrs. Gingrich…

obama gingrich

… but Conan O’Brien probably looks the best in his blonde wig.

What do you think of Callista Ginrich’s hair?

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228 Responses to “Callista Gingrich’s Hair Explained [Video]”

  1. Carole Lynn

    It looks like a helmet. she needs so soften things up a bit..Calista is a pretty woman but is trying to hard for perfection… she would look younger too if she would relax her look.

  2. Jeannie Wells Velazquez

    As a person mentioned to me… She looks like a Stepford Wife… and that is scary. No Newt would never have my vote nor do I feel his wife should be given first lady status when she had a 6 year affair with a married man… Shame on both of them..

  3. Norma Jean Randolph

    Nobody's business but her own how she wears her hair. If that is what she wants, that should be what she gets. Ms. Clinton needs another hairdresser too.

  4. Sheila Smith Sasser

    I wouldn't want my hair to look like that if I were dead, much less alive!

  5. Steve Jones

    Her hair looks like her face heavily cosmetically enhanced! Her and Newt make a strange looking couple and both look like aliens!

  6. Gregory Guthrie

    The 1st First Lady in US history that was 1st a Mistress first. Really America, Really?

  7. Roslyn Elliot Wilson

    A few people have said to me Calista looks like a manikin, come to think of it she does not look real. Does any one know if she has had any face lifts. She looks like the women in my office years back that had face lifts.( Skin tight faces.}The hair is down right out dated. I thimk she and Newt use the same hair gell.

  8. Joseph Marlene Perez

    Comparing her hairs style to the alien in "Mars attacks" is just plain ignorant. Next you'll be telling us that Obama is the greatest president.

  9. Anthony Forsman

    Does her hair ever move? Remember that movie "The Stepford Wives?" Not the stupid remake with Nicole Kidman, but the orginal one; she reminds me of one of the robot wives……

  10. Lynn Davis

    I think the lady looks fine. For goodness sakes, why make fun of people!

  11. Victor Herbert

    Disgusting…I thought that personal attacks against families was off limits. Where are the jokes and criticism about Michelle Oslima?

  12. Roslyn Elliot Wilson

    A Nation that believes in God Come on Folks do we really want a First lady that was First a Mistress for 5 years or more. TO THE MARRIED MAN THAT WANTS TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY NOW.. Iam sorry Calista I have faith that this Nation is not going to turn our backs on God, You and Newt would bring shame to our Nation. YOUR PRIVATE BUSINESS IS JUST THAT, BUT WHEN IT COMES TO BEING THE HEAD OF OUR NATION YOUR PRE MARTIAL AFFAIR IS NO LONGER PRIVATE AND THE WORLD WOULD LAUGH AT US FOR PROFFESSING GOD ON ONE HAND AND EMBRACING YOU TWO ON THE OTHER HAND.

  13. Celethia Reed

    Oh there were plenty when she was a cadidates wife and as the new FLOTUS and just recently there have been jokes made about her posterior of all things, or did we forget? You're funny and sad all at the same time! Personal attacks against families has never been off limits. Oh, but when it's a candidate you support they should be hunh? Grow up Sicktor Herbert!

  14. Darlene Hazouri Harrold


  15. Jean Welda Trester

    It looks more like a bad wig. I would hate to have him elected so we have to look at that for four more years on the news.

  16. Diane Humpal

    I think her hair is fine….but it looks like a wig. It is very perfect. I would love my hair to look perfect every day!

  17. Mark Lewis

    So our constant campaigner in the white house blows $181,757.00 an hour using air-force one to tool around the country in re-election mode and $3000 for hair is the focus of this story? WOW

  18. Maria Varecka

    Michelle Obama is a class act next to Trollup Gingrich. Could it be that Trollup is white and the First Lady is black?????

  19. Se Winter

    The do is stiff and makes her appear harsh. The color is is not complimentary and should be toned down. Agree that Hillary Clinton needs a new hairdresser. She has very nice hair. Don't understand why something more isn't done with it.

  20. Shawna MacNabb

    if that hair makes her happy who are we to ridicule it? Her husband is running for president and were talking about her hair that has nothing to do with anything…..anyone see the problem with that?

  21. Bruce Farmer

    I've been commenting on Callista Gingrich since the Iowa caucuses. When Newt left for NH at 3 am without saying a word I thought he wisked her off though Canyon Ranch in Tucson for a refir and paint job before NH. Then when I spotted her in NH, I thought her makeup had been done by Sherwin-Williams and her hair was held in place by the famous Drag Queen hairspray brand "Aquahelmut" When she got to South Carolina, I questioned if she had been "Rode Hard and Put Away Wet". In Florida, asked if her hair and makeup had been done by Madame Tussauds. Today I suggested that most likely L'Oreal, Lancome, Clinique, Aveda, and Canyon Ranch most likely will receive tax breaks and free publicity if Newt wins for providing services grats during the campaign.

  22. Mark Garza

    get real…..she looks fine…who wants to have a cookie cutter image and look like everybody else….good for her for looking the way she wants to look….

  23. Nancy Ford Fryberger

    and we care….WHY? OR are you all so little and peeviously jealous? because she has the money to do it with…..someone needs to give all of those wives grooming and dressing advice…..Jackie Kennedy needed advice too….STOW IT ETHEL!

  24. Jeannie Wells Velazquez

    Soften things up? As a mistress for 6 years while this man's wife was dealing with multiple Sclerosis, I don't think she could soften anything up that the public is going to forget. As Gregory Guthrie said… The 1st First Lady in US history that was 1st a Mistress first. Really America, Really?

  25. Bruce Farmer

    Sorry for the typos, the print here is incredibly small for an old man like me to see even when I "zoomed" 3 sizes

  26. James M. Mieras

    She looks like some sort of wierd alien with plastic hair. She must have some redeeming quality.28.7 " of vacum?

  27. Anne Hutchings Backstrom

    If Newt makes so much money why can't Callista get her roots touched up? She looks like a plastic doll…doesn't she see that?

  28. Jeannie Wells Velazquez

    When Newt Gingrich stops running on Family Ethics then 'we the people' will forget … until then… Newt and Callista deserve every comment they have coming to them…I need to remind you that Newt left wife No. 1 when diagnosed with Cancer, marries wife No. 2 who was then diagnosed with MS and continues a 6 year affair with future wife No. 3… this from a man who runs on ethics… are you kidding me?

  29. Stacy Shepherd

    Seriously…………Stepford Wives. She doesn't even look lile a human…………shiver.

  30. Bonny Cole

    I think so too, Lynn. She always looks nice and neat. Her make-up and hair always look great. I think it would be a breath of fresh air to look at if her husband were to be elected President.

  31. Anonymous

    Love the idea of using a mouse as a foundation…click or double-click…does the Donald have a rodent under that thing….

  32. Karen Hughes

    Give me a break…There is absolutely nothing "alien looking" about her hair…Is that really the best you can come up with?

  33. Rita Marinoni

    That white hair is so phoney too! I don't see a phoney haired lady who got her husband as a mistress as a good example for a 1st lady. But neither do I see a 3 times married pandering politician to be a good president either.

  34. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    @Gregory Guthery: Actually, Andrew Jackson's wife was not divorced when he married her. They thought she was divorced but communications were not very good at that time. Technically she was a bigamist or his mistress. I guess Newt is kind of the reverse. He knew he was married and carried on with a trollop regardless. The man has ethics problems. As to her hair, it kind of reminds me of the helmets heads we wore in the 1960's. She needs to fire that hairdresser. He is doing terrible things to her.

  35. Randall Snead

    If they don't like gays why is that hairdresser not shearing her empty whore head? She worked her way thru Congress on her knees, that is not the First Lady I want.

  36. Karen Hughes

    Jeannie Howard Velazquez …Jealousy….is an ugly thing…Have you looked at your hair lately??? Call 1800INEEDANEWHAIRDO!!!!!!!!

  37. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    Harry Blanton-Binkow: I don't think that the lady is in the public eye, is she? Hillary and Callista both look like leftovers from the 50's and 60's.

  38. Marjorie Schrag

    You asked what I think of Callista's hair style? It sucks miserably!!!!! How fake can you get? She looks like a totally ugly plastic model. What ever happened to natural.

  39. Sally Murphy

    Nasty Nasty, we weren't talking about her personal life. The comment was about her hair.

  40. Mitch Smith

    Victor- The rw radio and Fox crap you suck up attack Michellle on a daily basis. Lying by omission is still lying, liar.

  41. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    Jeannie Howard Velazquez: I think she had just been diagnosed when he asked for the divorce or whatever he asked for. She couldn't look worse than Mrs. Obama, though. Mrs. Obama has better morals, though.

  42. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    Well, for me it is the notion that she engaged in an affair with a married man. Said married man demonstrably has ethics problems. I don't think that God cares about Gays or about mistresses but I don't like her husband's ethics, or hers.

  43. Mary Wheeler

    Thought I was the only one who noticed how God awful the do is. Looks like it is coated in shellac and lifts off at nite.

  44. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    Jeannie Hillier: Solid platinum blonde is so over with. It's kind of like Michelle's shrunken cardigans and wide belts. Get with it girls.

  45. Sally Murphy

    "PPears to me you arebeingvery critial about events that you were not priveledged to attend.

  46. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    Botox anyone? She resembles Nancy Pelosi a lot in that regard.

  47. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    Nancy Reagan could have given her a run for the title.

  48. Rick Lakomski

    what does Callista mean in earth language anyway? no wonder newt wants to establish a base on the moon I think Callista is from another planet.does this make her an illegal allien?

  49. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    I liked Hillary's shorter bobs when Bill was POTUS. She always looked nice.

  50. Karen Mays Brenek

    She's not the "First Lady" yet. However, I personally wouldn't care if her hair was purple. If her husband can get our country out of the economic toilet, then I'll be happy. There have been several first ladies that were less than attractive, had bad hair, resembled farm animals…etc…AND several presidents who were womanizers.

  51. Sharon Spraker Barnes

    She does look like everybody else–everybody in the 1960's!

  52. Barbara Hardesty

    Just think, if Newt wins we will have to look at her all the time. Plastic is a good description, just my opinion.

  53. Nelda True

    Roslyn, so true. I cannot believe that hair. Thought it had to be a wig.

  54. Irene Johnson

    I admit I wondered about her hair. Then I thought I really don't care – I care about our Country and I know Obama is taking down – I believe with all my heart that man is a Communist and wants to be our Dictator. Heaven help us!

  55. Charlotte Traylor Brooks

    Michelle Obama is gorgeous – and so is her hair. She is on the cover of More magazine for February and you disbelievers need to take a looks at a beautiful woman – and a healthy woman! Sorry, but you can't argue with facts.

  56. Marvin Allen

    Looks like an eldery version of Elvira…….. rising from a coffin.
    This look, will make for a great Haloween mask, in 2012.

  57. Joyce Miller

    She looks like the pin-up doll from hell. I can see how she slept with her husband in his former wife's bed and does show any kind of remorse. She is abitious and sees herself as First Lady. God help us if that happens. She may start teaching our daughters about morality and adultery. I do not.
    like Newt, I like her even less.

  58. Lila Kedzior

    Another reason not to vot for him, he makes bad decisions… just look at his women, although I feel sorry for the first two wives having caught Newtitis.

  59. Cassandra Ewing

    I absolutely HATE her hair. And the thought of having a woman as First Lady who carried on a six-year affair with a married man makes my skin crawl.

  60. Anonymous

    are you kidding me.. ok, so the libs don't like newt, but can't get enough people to stop voting for him in the primaries… so…. they attack his wife… grow up people…..pfft.

  61. Lori Kretsinger Strom

    As a Salon owner and Hairdresser for over 30 years…….Yuck…..Stepford wives comes to mind.

  62. Rie Howells

    WOW what a great concept South Carolina, a first lady who is was a Mistress first and a President that get his money from a Las Vegas Casino or we could elect a man who keep all his monies outside the US so that he didn't have to…what? I am not mentioning any names but You All know what people say about people who have something to hide! US is going to hell in a hand basket, "Lord have Mercy on us all"!

  63. Nancy Elizabeth Sinclair

    So what! lots of women elect to have shorter hair when older, also if it is partially graying, she is going for the softer lighter color that flatters her face. Her hair isn't a fly around windblown look.

  64. Judy Glover Ward

    How do you know she would be the 1st First Lady to have been a Mistress first? We don't know who the other first ladies might have been with before the white house.

  65. Louis Russo

    and Newt had the nerve to tell one wife your not attractive enough to be a first lady the other he told her adios while she was in a hospital bed year President Newt just what we need.

  66. Lynn Rogers

    The hair does look alien like god forbid if the wind blows and one hair is out if place Mrs Gingrich would have a diva fit.

  67. Dorothy Palmer

    Maybe Andre the salonist can tell us if he curls her landing strip, too.

  68. Carolyn Hammack

    I think she needs a new color, a medium blonde, platinum is out, she needs hair that moves, but perhaps she is wearing it as a safety measure, a color that is natural looking. newt is a very smart politician, but certainly has failed as a husband.

  69. Robert Nunyan

    What a ridiculous and rude article. It's appalling how the dumbocrats can do anything they want, but if we as Republicans do the same, we are lambasted over it! How would you appreciate it if we wrote articles like this about Michele Obama's ugly mouth and orangutan like teeth? Or maybe we should make fun of the fact that Obama is an amateur at best and his he brought the hood to the White House by having IKEA deliver their furnishings……

  70. Robert Nunyan

    To the author Dan Evon: You will always work for third rate rag mags like this because you have no talent, no vision and certainly no future in journalism. Idiots like you should be permanently banned from having freedom of speech and more importantly from publishing such rubbish!

  71. Carmen Farrish Reese

    Newt takes the cake..he divorces his wife and marries his whore, she dresses up like a swan…and now he wants to screw the country..

  72. Kathleen OBrien

    How about some spell check on the article… hair gets 'done'…not 'down'. And – its 'mousse' – not mouse.

  73. Anne Charles Siperek

    Its the lady in Mars Attacks! That's where I knew her from! OMG —! This article is funny~!

  74. Michelle Kinch

    I think it's funny that they compare her to the alien from Mars Attacks! There is something…just not human…about the way she looks.

  75. Suzanne Korinke

    Doesn't she look like that woman Michaele Salahi who crashed the White House party. She reminds me of a party crasher, but a First Lady Crasher, has that been done?
    Calista – really that hair is something.

  76. Genevieve Baeza Rodriguez

    Leave her alone. She is a classy lady, very distinguished with a polite smile. She is also accomplished and involved in the arts. No, I am not a Relephant, but I know classy when I see it. Also quit casting stones at her, unless you are free of sin. Repunosos. Concentrate always on not showing your envy and your world will be a better place. Is virginity required to be a first lady, since there is no virgins any more, no more First Ladies – either? Mocosos.

  77. Anonymous

    Michelle Obama could not pull off a stylish hairdo. I have seen hers resembling something in National Geographic.

  78. Anne Savana

    its the hair spray an it is some good stuff $400 worth? how greedy that money could feed the hungry and cloth people how sad the situation is that Our God bless the unbelievers as well as believers but these who have the wealth never has a clue.

  79. Marriee Riley

    Its hard to believe that this women in 45 years old. I thought she was in her 60s.

  80. Sherri Lee Cox

    Why is this even a topic of discussion? I guess we are all just having fun…that is all this is about…being able to "post" our opinion on something that doesn't even matter! Would we have made fun of Eleanor Roosevelt's looks? We respected the office too much. Should we expect more from our leaders that we are willing to give?

  81. Ken McBride

    her hair reminds me of Hermie the Elf from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer……

  82. Barbara Small

    I have a Barbie doll with the same hair cut. I think this doll was a.
    Barbie stewardess designed over 20 years ago. So now, Calista reminds me.
    of a middle aged Barbie doll.

  83. Maria Luisa Bilbao

    Maybe he is a great politician and fix the economy. His love life is up to him. And his wife looks beautiful I like her style.
    He seems very inteligent and his speeches are good.
    Like if somebody is going to donate $5.000.000 dollars to him is he were not up to it.
    Make fun of his wife and you may be surprised by other good qualities that she has. People only wants to critizice.
    instead of finding good qualities in other individuals.

  84. Lynda Anderson

    She looks like she's about to snap at any moment. Those are some craaaaazy eyes.

  85. Maria Luisa Bilbao

    After all I had a friend who wrote an article in the paper looking for a husband, and she received 100 letters, all of them saying, take mine, please. His ex wifes should be thankful. Life goes on. Good wishes to all.

  86. Linda Gail Morrison Mills

    third lady going for First lady….wow…soften the style and color a bit to be more pleasing to the current trends. Some low-lights, honey blonde…ditch the platnum unless you are Jayne Mansfield or Marilyn Monroe.

  87. Ellen Judson

    I couldn't comprehend how it never moved. I thought that maybe it was a plastic wig, but no, it must just have two or three cans of hair spray on it. You know, old ladies are particularly fond of Helmet Hair so maybe she is older than she looks. (Don't yell at me for the old ladies comment as I am 67 and can get away with insulting old ladies.)

  88. Jan Blevins

    I think it's a classy look. She would be a great improvement as FLOTUS instead of what we have in there now. At least this one would dress with style and would be proud of her country.

  89. Anne Bryant

    Are you guys serious? What a stupid article. Actual adults making rude remarks about someone's hair? Is this the adult version of schoolyard bullying? It is not your hair and you're not paying for her stylist. Maybe you should get a life and act like adults.

  90. Judy Neville

    The style is not bad it covers the scars from face lifts and I am sure the wind wouldn't bother it. Who cares how a bimbo wears her hair.

  91. Maureen McDermott Gill

    I've been wondering and writing about this on FB. Not one single hair on her strange head has moved in the 8 weeks I've been watching her; from sun up to to sun down, whether experiencing snowstorms in the north or gale force winds in the south, that gal's hair doesn't move, blink, slink, twitch, grow, growl, or shake. It's as solidly constructed as the Brooklyn Bridge. Hell, I've been in Chicago skyscrapers with more sway. And have you noticed she is never seen touching her hair? You'll never see her run a manicured hand through her hair (she'd probably break her hand or scratch her diamonds). My husband has a theory: her head comes off at night and sits on the dresser. He figures she has 7 of them. Therefore, today he would refer to her as Mrs. Friday, yesterday she was Mrs. Thursday. I'll say this: she has one freaky head of frightening hair.

  92. Dennis Maloney

    I have simply gone with snap on, snap off. It's easier to process than thinking of the real nuts and bolts of making it happen. Now that we have a dollar figure, I creeped out

  93. Mary Lamantia Vinyard

    Wouldn't you think that "hair" of Callistas would chafe Newt's thighs?

  94. Jade Smith

    She uses some sort of "mouse" as foundation? C'mon now. Spell check…

  95. Candace Beverly

    you are on facebook. go to the site I told you about by using your browser not going through facebook. you have to sign up but that's easy.

  96. Debbie Redington

    Its a toss up between Newts walk and Callistas hair.. I don't know which one is scarier. Now between Callista and Michelle, Michelle wins the scarier contest. Has anyone seen Mrs R. Paul? She might win in the overall scary Washington missus catagory.

  97. Lovene Harris

    I don't care about the hair. I worry about the nose. she could hurt with it if she had a head on collision with an innocent bystander.

  98. Craig Yingling

    Maybe, this is what's wrong with our country. You petty assholes make an issue such as this and could care less about what's important.

  99. Louise Bland

    It's no one's business how Gingrich's wife wears her hair. Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Obama. They all look just great! I personally think Mrs. Gringrich's hair is a great cut! — I get the shampoo and blow dry, and it's that way utnil I walk out the door and the wind picks it up and does a tornado to it. Nothing looks good. Everything is straight and hangs down your shoulders. It has no style and everyone looks alike. Gross! Shop salons have it made with the styles today! Nothing to it!

  100. James Johnson

    They don't need to learn how to spell, "Down" was spelled correctly….:) The word was replaced though as the wrong one was used. Thanks for the spot :)

  101. Theresa Travis

    JEEZ, you guys! Nobody has said a word about that HOOK NOSE on that sucker… The helmet is to help hide her nose…$3,000 on "hair care? She should spend it on a nose job! Can't have that nose in the White House!

  102. Steve Bowlus

    Actually, she is a consultant for DuPont, and they are testing new applications of Kevlar.

  103. Peggy McGuire Pitts Hall

    I would love to mess it up, but it might break her face.

  104. Anonymous

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  105. Justin Malek

    You all are making me sick! She is working her butt of for you people and so is Newt! Like them or not you shouldn't make fun of them every last secound they are people too. There is alot better you could be wasting your lives with!

  106. Lynn Swansiger

    OMG more crap about the way a woman looks. Leave her hair alone its her business and get on with reporting real news. Give it up!

  107. Robert Nunyan

    Callista's hair is no more offending than that of Michelle's weave. At least Callista can call her hair her own. Can Michelle? It takes a of weaves to make her hair even look good.

  108. Anais Karim

    Obviously she doesn't place a lot of value on looks. She's married to Newt after all.

  109. Sandy Gutmann Glassman

    She looks like an old Barbie doll. I hope Newt cheats on her too!

  110. Sandy Jewell Bysinger

    Sandy Jewell Bysinger · Works at Life is a job.

    I really am sad to hear such cruelty.Why in the world can this country not be interested what is important? Whether you all like it or not….Newt is the smartest one running and has a plan that makes sense. We've listened to him speak at my husband's business conferences in closer quarters and my husband talked to him one on one….regarding healthcare and he knows is stuff. Are you looking for someone who can run this country or worried about their social life and personal life? Half the people in this country have been married several times and it he is focused on what's important and he is the only one who doesn't worry about what people care about his appearance or personal problems. So…he wanted someone who wears pearls and hair to match. How would you do your hair if you were seen so often and so criticised? Look how Every attractive woman who comes along threatens everyone. In the last election people said Romney was too handsome to be president! What kind of sense did that make? Good grief. God help this mess! Please! Listen to how our people are talking and attacking…..should be ashamed!

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