Modern Warfare 3 Elite maps locked to one profile

A number of Call of Duty Elite subscribers have noticed that the recently-released maps, which are exclusive to Elite subscribers, are locked to only one profile on one console, and people aren’t happy about it.

As you may know if you’ve downloaded anything off of Xbox Live in the past, content is supposed to work for all users on the original Xbox 360 that the digital content was downloaded on. Apparently, that isn’t the case with Modern Warfare 3 DLC, according to reports from various users on the Call of Dutyforums.

“I’m in the same boat – I’ve got Elite Subs and have downloaded the maps, only my son who shares the console cannot access them,” wrote forum user Lucas777. “In all previous COD releases, the map packs have been accessible to all profiles on that console. It’s not like both users can play the game at the same time.”

Strangely, when you go to download the two Modern Warfare 3 maps the terms state that the content can be shared, as previously mentioned, across all profiles on the Xbox 360 you downloaded it from. Whether or not this is accidental or working as intended is unclear.

We’ll let you know when Activision clarifies the situation.

via Joystiq