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Kim Dotcom Denied Bail, Loses Modern Warfare Crown [Video]

Kim Dotcom is having a bad day. Just hours after he was informed that he had lost his number one crown in Modern Warfare 3, the MegaUpload CEO was denied bail.

The AFP reports that a New Zealand judge denied Dotcom bail today saying that the CEO’s vast wealth made him an extreme flight risk. Dotcom’s attorney’s argued that all of Dotcom’s assets have been frozen and had nothing to gain from leaving New Zealand. But Judge David McNaughton wasn’t swayed. McNaughton said:

“I am sure that he has the financial resources to obtain forged identity or travel documents and to arrange transport out of the country by covert means should he chose to do so… With sufficient determination and financial resources, flight risk remains a real and serious possibility which I cannot discount and bail is declined.” reports that Dotcom, who was arrested on Friday on behalf of the United States, will be held until at least February 22nd when the United States government is expected to file extradition papers.

Dotcom’s lawyer, Paul Davison, said he would appeal the judge’s decision. Davison said:

“We were hopeful that the judge would accept our intentions and our arguments and see that there was no risk whatsoever of Kim Dotcom seeking to leave New Zealand. All of his assets have been frozen, all of his resources have been taken… He’s living here with his wife and family, he has no intention whatsoever of endeavoring to leave New Zealand.”

To make matters worse, Kim Dotcom lost his number one spot in the game “Modern Warfare 3.” According to the Venture Beat, Dotcom, who plays under the name MEGARACER, took the top spot on the leaderboard on New Year’s Eve. But now that his hand’s are tied, rival Arazos has been able to reclaim the top spot.