Panorama Towers

Pamela Anderson Settles Lawsuits With Las Vegas Real Estate Mogul Laurence Hallier

Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson has settled her Las Vegas real estate lawsuit out of court. Last year Anderson was sued by real estate mogul Laurence Hallier for $25 million after he claimed she bailed on promised appearances during a set of massive condo sales events.

According to Hallier in a lawsuit filed last June the starlet promised to promote the sale of several condominiums in the new Panorama Towers (pictured above) but failed to make many personal appearance as agreed upon.

Hallier in his court filing claims that Anderson’s no show at various appearance cost him millions of dollars in lost condo sales.

In exchange for her services Pamela Anderson was set to receive a free condo, however after she breached her contract Hallier backed out of that promise and Pamela Andserson turned around to sue the real estate mogul for $1 million.

This week both parties agreed to go their separate ways after reaching an out of court settlement regarding both lawsuits.

Perhaps the next time he makes a deal to show off his condo’s Hallier will find someone a bit less flaky then a former actress who’s main job was running around in a too tight bathing suit, not that we’re complaining.

The terms of the settlement are confidential.

Are you surprised to learn that Pamela Anderson was repeatedly backing out on her promised duties and then began whining when something she was promised wasn’t given to her?