Chris Soules' overnight dates are ahead on ABC's 'The Bachelor' 2015 season

Spoilers For ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Overnight Dates: Chris Soules Heads To Bali With His Final 3

Chris Soules has chosen his final three ladies for ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season, and now they are all off to Bali for the overnight fantasy dates. Chris has tough questions for each of the ladies and soon he will be presenting his final rose. What Bachelor spoilers are available for these Bali dates?

ABC teases that there will be excitement and passion as Chris Soules gets intimate dates with Whitney Bischoff, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Becca Tilley. When it comes time for the rose ceremony, Soules will have to weigh his priorities as he sends one woman home without a rose.

Bachelor spoilers indicate that Chris and Kaitlyn’s date will come first in the February 23 episode. They will meet outside a temple in Bali and they’ll do a traditional Balinese ritual with some locals. Kaitlyn is struggling to open up to Chris, and during a dinner later at night she will finally scrounge up the courage. She’s afraid of getting hurt, and her holding back may spell doom for her chances with Chris.

Chris and Whitney will have their date on a boat, and the sparks are flying. During the date they will touch on her sister Kimberly’s hesitation to bless their possible union, as well. The two go on to share a romantic dinner and they need to face a difficult but important discussion: is she really willing to leave her career as a fertility nurse and live in Arlington, Iowa?

A Bachelor spoiler preview from ABC shows a bit of this conversation. Soules says that part of him thinks it would be crazy for Whitney to consider giving up her career to move to Arlington. He asks if she has concerns, and he admits that living in his small town is probably his biggest insecurity in a relationship. Chris doesn’t mince any words about how quiet the town is, and Whitney admits that it’s not a place she would choose if she were just picking somewhere on a map.

Whitney goes on to share that she has worked hard to get where she is now in her career, and fans have seen how passionate she is about it. She says she’s going to be honest with Chris, and of course that’s where the preview cuts off. Will moving to Arlington be a deal breaker for Whitney? While it’s an important conversation for Chris and Whitney to have, fans aren’t too worried about the outcome.

Finally there is Chris’ date with Becca. Bachelor spoilers indicate that they will visit with a Balinese medicine man. They are asked questions about their relationship, and previews have shown that the topic of intimacy is brought up. She’s feeling the pressure of telling him she’s a virgin, and she will finally reveal her big secret at some point during the date.

Bachelor spoilers indicate that Chris will also ask Becca some tough questions about her willingness to move from Southern California to a farm in Iowa. Will she accept his invitation to the fantasy suite? How will he react to her big secret?

At the rose ceremony, ABC teases that Chris will pull one woman aside to talk to her. He will aim to clear the air on something before he hands out his final two roses. Which lady is pulled aside, and what does he need to discuss with her? Will the discussion lead to a change in his plans for his roses?

Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed that Whitney and Becca get those two roses, sending Kaitlyn home. Will Steve’s Bachelor spoilers on this one be right? Could Kaitlyn go on to be the Bachelorette 2015 season lead? Fans are anxious to find out and the Bachelor 2015 season overnight dates play out in Episode 9 airing on Monday, February 23.

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