Elizabeth Warren Scott Brown

Masachusetts Senate Candidates Ban Outside Ads

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has made history. No, I am not talking about being a Republican and being elected in Massachusetts (although I thought I would see a unicorn before that ever happened). Senator Brown and hid Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren have signed an agreement banning third party ads from their Senate Race.

It isn’t just a gentleman’s agreement either, this deal has some bite to it. The two agreed that if any third party group runs an ad (positive or negative) in their names their respective campaigns would donate half the cost of the ad buy to charity.

Earlier Warren sent a ltter to Brown saying,

“Elizabeth Warren wants to work on this campaign based on her ideas and her values, and work on what she believes. We have the opportunity to set an example for the rest of the country. Let’s do it”

It seems Brown had the exact same thought process.

In speaking to Fox News Brown said,

“They’re false and misleading. People know better. They’re smarter. … They want to know how a particular candidate is going to draw distinctions and get their vote, earn their vote. They don’t need these outside groups trying to buy elections and do things inappropriately.”

To be honest with you it isn’t like Massachusetts voters are going to be hurting for ads featuring the two candidates. Both have raised an obsene amount of money for the campaign in 2012.

Warren’s campaign raised $5.7 million in the fourth quarter and $3.15 million raised in the third quarter of 2011. She has more than$6 million cash on hand.

Brown’s campaign recently released third quarter donations of $5.3 million raised. He had an astounding $10.5 million cash on hand.

How do you feel about Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown banning third party ads?