JFK White Hearse

JFK Hearse Sells For $160,000 At Auction

The white Cadillac hearse that carried the remains of President John F. Kennedy to Air Force Once after his Dallas assassination has sold at auction for $160,000.

Sold at Barrett-Jackson auction company’s annual Scottsdale collector car auction the final price did not include the company’s 10% auction fee.

The owner of the vehicle originally expected the hearse to tell for over $200,000 because of it’s “place in history” however when you consider that the cost for the same vehicle not attached to John F. Kennedy typically sells for $40,000 it’s still a nice return on investment. In fact the hearse fetched more than then $132,000 grabbed for the JFK Ambulance which sold at auction in 2011. That ambulance sold even as controversy surrounded whether it was really the JFK vehicle used to transport him to the hospital after the shooting.

According to the auction the vehicle is a 1964 Cadillac hearse that was built by the Miller-Meteor Company in 1963, it would later be purchased for use by the O’Neal Funeral Home.

The O’Neal Funeral Home used the hearse through the 1960’s until it was purchased by a well-known hearse collector eventually sold it to another collector who turned around and consigned it for sale at the Barrett-Jackson event.

Seller and buyer names have not been released by the auctioneer.

Do you believe that $160,000 is a fair price to pay for a vehicle that holds such a significant bit of history for our countries Presidency or is that still too much for a vehicle that made a short trip with the President’s body?