Occupy Wall Street

New York City Church Evicts Occupy Wall Street Protestors

Occupy Wall Street protestors have lost one of the places that they could regroup at. West Park Presbyterian Church on West 86th Street has been a home base for the protestors where they go to sleep some nights after the protests. They have unrolled sleeping bags and went to sleep in between the benches

Not any more they don’t!

This morning the Reverend Bob Brashear was preparing for services and he noticed a bronze baptismal basin was missing along with its cover. It contained Holy Water imported form the River Jordan which was dumped into a drainage basin a few feet away.

Reverend Brashear told the protestors that morning,

“It was like pissing on the 99 percent.”

Rabbi Chaim Gruber who has been a participant in the Occupy Wall Street movement abandoned them last week when at another church in Brooklyn protestors peed on a cross inside the building.

“The Park Slope church housing occupiers was desecrated when an occupier peed inside the building and the pee came into contact with a cross,” Gruber said.

The Church declined to comment.

Reverend Brashear told the protestors this evening that they had two weeks to vacate the church.

Reverend Brashear supposedly yelled at them,

“You have 24 hours to find it and to come up with an amends and to come up with a plan. ‘I’m sorry and it won’t happen again’ won’t work,”

Occupy Protestors had previously been camped out at Zuccotti Park until they were thrown out by the City of New York.

It seems it is getting harder and harder for a group of anarchists to catch a break.

What would your reaction to the Occupy Wall Street Protestors desecrating holy sites be?