Jennifer Aniston pregnant Justin Theroux

Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? (Short Answer: Nobody Actually Knows)

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant with boyfriend Justin Theroux’s child? She could be! She could not be! Certain tabloids seem to think she might be, though admittedly it’s all sounding rather … speculative so far. Basically, it’s pinch-of-salt time, folks.

Look magazine started the latest round of is-she-isn’t-she gossiping. The mag pointed out that Aniston, 42, has been missing from numerous red carpet events recently, including the Golden Globes from last weekend. This, argues Look, is because Aniston is actually six months pregnant! Err.

The fact Aniston was not nominated or presenting anything at the Globes may also have adequately explained her absence, but that might seem a little close to logic for some publications. Or just not entertaining enough to put in print. Take your pick.

Us Weekly is also joining in on the guesswork, though did at least have the decency to quote a ‘source’ close to Aniston. What say you, ‘source close to Aniston’?

“[Jennifer and Justin] have talked at length about getting married and starting a family. She is anxious for the next phase of her life and feels like this is the time. They both want it to happen soon.”

So Jennifer Aniston might be pregnant, or she might not. Admittedly the evidence isn’t overwhelming either way, but the gossip media does like to keep peddling this ‘Jennifer-Aniston-is-the-ultimate-unfulfilled-woman-but-oh-wouldn’t-a-baby-of-her-own-solve-it-all’ narrative.

How about you, readers, is there something fishy about Aniston’s low public profile recently? Is she preggers, or is this more a case of people drawing conclusions too quickly?