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New Skyrim Mod Replaces Dragons with My Little Pony [Video]

Skyrim just got a much-needed injection of magical flying plastic horses. That is to say, a new mod for the dragon-slaying hit replaces all the dragons with Fluttershy of My Little Pony fame. Oh yes.

The result is amusing and not a little surreal, as villagers scurry from a 200-foot Fluttershy, who roasts them to a cinder (and who also enjoys caring for animals and sewing, according to this).

This PC mod is the work of Skyrim player “zdzichorowerzysta,” who updated the RPG by substituting the game’s dragon models with his own polygonal depiction of Fluttershy.

The “Pony Dragon Mod” has been downloaded over 1,300 times from SkyrimNexus at the time of writing.

Here’s two clips of Fluttershy incinerating puny humans in Skyrim. The first is the intro to the game with the mod activated – probably my favorite.