Washington Monument Fix

Billionaire Personally Pays To Have Washington Monument Fixed

After an August earthquake left the Washington Monument with various cracks and other structural damage Congress agrees to pay $7.5 million to restore the project if the remaining $7.5 million could be raised by outside sources. Now we’ve come to learn that Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein has agreed to pay the remaining $7.5 million out of his own pocket.

A renowned history buff Rubenstein says he felt that paying for the monuments fixes was something he could do as a “good citizen” of the United States.

The billionaire businessman tells the Associated Press:

“What greater symbol is there in Washington of our country?”

This isn’t the first time David Rubenstein has given big for National causes he also donated $4.5 million to the National Zoo’s panda program and made an even bigger $13.5 million donation to the National Archives. He also purchased a $21 million copy of the Magna Carta that will go on display at the archives.

Speaking to the Washington Post the philanthropist says, “I am committed to philanthropy.” He also notes that public figures partnering with the government on these types of projects “are a good thing … because the government doesn’t have all the money that it used to have.”

The Washington Monument is already in the process of being fixed with the help of Congress money and will soon have a structurally sound foundation for generations of Americans to enjoy.

Do you think the super-rich in America should follow in Rubenstein’s footsteps and help rebuild our countries monuments and overall infrastructure?

In the meantime feel free to buy a Dr. Pepper or 7-UP in support of David’s donations, his company owns those brands.