Twitter Acquires Summify, Social Aggregation Tool

As with any growing social network, acquisitions can come often to further enhance the service. With Summify, a social aggregator, that’s definitely the case.

Twitter acquired the company for an undisclosed sum and as far as what they plan to use it for, well, signs point to the same way it was used before, just with the Twitter branding, give or take a few changes.

In their own words, “Summify creates a beautiful daily summary of the most relevant news from your social networks, and delivers it to you by email, web or mobile.”

Via Wired:

“Considering the torrent of information Twitter delivers on a real-time basis — to say nothing of all the other social networks where we work and play — the possibility of integrating a product like Summify makes a great deal of sense. The product is essentially a daily bulletin of pertinent information, using algorithms to separate the ‘wheat’ it thinks you want to read from the ‘chaff’ you don’t. And if you’re a voracious news and social information consumer like the average Silicon Valley techie, Summify functioned as a great way to get your fix of what you’ve recently missed.”

For existing users and those looking to join, the service is unfortunately no more as it gets integrated into Twitter.

Starting today, the following changes will take effect:

  • We’re removing the ability to make your summaries public (i.e. all summaries will be private)
  • We’re removing profile pages and influence pages
  • We’re removing the auto-publish feature
  • We’re disabling user registration from the website, iPhone and Hootsuite apps

What do you think of Twitter’s latest interface? Like it, hate it?