Apple Almost Like The CIA When It Comes To Keeping Secrets

Adam Lashinsky, senior editor at Fortune and the author of the upcoming book, ‘Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works’, talked about some of the things that Apple does when it comes to keeping secrets.

Now, it’s nothing new to know that the tech giant is very secretive about certain information and project details. They’ve been known to be like the CIA when it comes to keeping information under wraps and away from the public as well as tech bloggers’ eyes and ears.

Because of this secrecy, Apple is very much talked about and very buzz worthy in the blogging space because their secrets encourage rumors, reports, anonymous sources coming forward, and all of that jazz.

Via Fortune:

“Apple goes to great lengths to maintain discipline. “There were just these things that were kept very, very secret,” said a former senior executive. “There was a project we were working on where we put in special locks on one of the floors and put up a couple of extra doors to hide away a team that was working on stuff. You had to sign extra-special agreements acknowledging that you were working on a super-secret project and you wouldn’t talk about it to anyone — not your wife, not your kids.”

Steve Jobs was very serious when it came to keeping details locked away and was even reported as saying “Anything disclosed from this meeting will result not just in termination but in the prosecution to the fullest extent that our lawyers can.”

Another interesting story:

“For the most part, Apple counts on its employees to censor themselves. But in some cases it pays attention to what employees say when they are out of the office — even when they’ve only walked across the street for a beer. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse is tucked so close to Apple’s Cupertino campus that insiders jokingly refer to it as IL‑7, for “Infinite Loop 7,” a building that doesn’t exist. Company lore holds that plainclothes Apple security agents lurk near the bar at BJ’s and that employees have been fired for loose talk there.”

Adam’s new book comes out January 25th and looks to be quite an interesting read for Apple fans and people simply interested in the company and how it operates.

Do you think Apple takes secrets too far?