A Teenager Got Fired From Her Job Before Before She Even Started, Thanks To An Unfortunate Tweet

A teenager (or young woman – details are scarce and it’s hard to tell from her photos) got fired from her job before she even started, thanks to an unfortunate tweet she sent out before she was scheduled to start.

This is Cella. As of this post, not much is known about where she lives, her age, or where her job drama played out.

i love all my b*tches, aint got no main. rip dre❤️ rip pey❤️
i love all my b*tches, aint got no main. rip dre rip pey

Cella apparently got a job lined up a job at a pizza place, but she wasn’t too happy about it. She sent a tweet about her concerns — since deleted, but Buzzfeed saved a screenshot. The tweet contains offensive language that can’t be published on the Inquisitr, so it’s been edited, but you get the point.

This cost Cella her job before she even started.
This cost Cella her job before she even started.

Somehow, the offending tweet got to her would-be boss.

It’s unclear how the teen’s Twitter message got to her boss; as Buzzfeed notes, prior to this Twitter firestorm, Robert Waple had two tweets and only a handful of followers. One Twitter user even wondered if his account was real.

To be fair, Robert Waple isn’t exactly using good judgment here. Firing her was his prerogative, but talking about her firing publicly, and on social media, is, at a minimum, bad form, and could even open him up to legal action.

Cella’s firing has created something of a tempest in a teapot on Twitter, with several users weighing in on the drama.

Some users have even suggestion legal action.

For her part, Cella is taking her firing in stride.

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