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OJ Simpson’s Florida Home Being Taken Away

OJ Simpson home in foreclosure

When OJ Simpson was sued in civil court over the Nicole Brown Simpson murder case he purchased a home in Florida, under state law your home can not be confiscated by the court in a civil lawsuit. While the move at the time was a smart decision on OJ’s part it looks as if he’ll be losing his home regardless of his move to the sunshine state.

According to court records JPMorgan Chase bank is foreclosing on the 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom residence OJ calls home in the city of Miami.

OJ purchased the home in 2000 for $575,000 however the home was recently assessed at just $478,401 thanks to the real estate bust.

It’s not exactly as if OJ Simpson was enjoying the home, he’s currently serving time in a Nevada prison for kidnapping, armed robbery and various other charges for his involvement in a 2007 incident in which he stole a bunch of sports memorabilia at gunpoint.

After the robbery OJ Simpson claimed that the memorabilia belonged to him and he was simply taking back his rightful property.

With Simpson serving a nine to 33 year prison sentence there’s a good chance he decided to simply let the home go. Simpson is still receiving federally protected money from his NFL pension and another retirement account. But why do you need to pay for a home when you’re getting three squares a day and a bed to sleep in.

Are you surprised to learn that OJ Simpson has allowed his home to slip into foreclosure when he rots in a Nevada prison?

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32 Responses to “OJ Simpson’s Florida Home Being Taken Away”

  1. Richard Z Hill Jr

    let his buddy oblahblah put him up , after he gets out of jail!

  2. Darlene Williams

    the ones I feel sorry for are the children. they lost their mother at their fathers hands and he still says he didn't do it. but I'm not one to judge. only god can do that and he will on ojs judgement day. hoping the kids are doing good and living where there is alot of love for them. praying nicole is resting at peace.

  3. Darlene Williams

    also, oj is getting what he deserves. old saying"don't do the crime if you don't want to pay the time" at least he is in jail for now where he belongs. too bad it is for life, may god have mercy on you oj even though you don't deserve mercy.

  4. Eric Flores

    It is ashame that the state of Nevada can't charge him for rent and expenses while he is in prison. A free person has to pay rent/mortgage by food, and other expenses. Why shouldn't a person who is in prison? OJ's children are all grown (I believe) and are not in need of child support. This would totally be ok to let him foot the bill of his expenses.

  5. Eric Flores

    Rosemary Keller I agree but the court did not. OJ is being punished for something he was convicted of. Maybe it is a good general protection that retirement accounts can't be attached, but it all seems a bit unfair in this particular circumstance.

  6. Clara Buzzy LaMarr

    This was slight payback and his lifetime home needs to be right where he is at. Sorry? HELL NO!

  7. Deb Daniel Jansons

    Rosemary Keller And just where did you get your information concerning the young man that OJ killed? Never once in anything that I have read or watched has this gentleman been described as "gay". And, regardless to his sexual orientation, he was still a victim of a mad man's rage. Under NO circumstances should either of these people's lives have been taken.

  8. Stacy Jo Youngblood Snyder

    @ Rosemary, Wow really? I am curious as to why you needed to refer to her friend as gay! Not sure what that has to do with the horrendous crime that was acted out! @ Deb at your latter statement. I absolutely agree, no matter what your race, culture or gender preference should anyone have to endure something so hideousand evil!

  9. Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan

    I think is a shame that they set that men up they could prove it in court and if he did it he didn't do it alone because he was black and the two murder victims were white they struck it to him I feel sorry for everyone one involved but him mostly.

  10. Lynn French

    There is a special corner in hell for this 'man'…..he brutally murdered the mother of his children…how f'd up is that?

  11. Charles Joseph Maly


  12. Eric Flores

    ok I have heard that Ron Goldman was gay also. It isn't a bad thing to be gay. I am and the thing is Rosemary is a long loved friend. Everyone is coming from a place of good hearts, but taking it one step to far. No one deserves to have happened to them what Ron and oj's ex went through. It is also not right to talk about being homosexual as if it is something to be ashamed of.

  13. Richard Z Hill Jr

    Stacy Jo Youngblood Snyder , well then you put him up, RACIST . well really stick the racist stuff up your ass!!!!!!!!!

  14. Richard Z Hill Jr

    another one calling RACIST, when the hell is that crap gonna stop?????????

  15. Emily Dozier

    You're as ignorant as the juror that knew he didn't do it becasue she saw the DNA on his sock. Maybe when you get out of high school, you'll be a little smarter.

  16. Larry Molina

    Really? Defamed? Charles what makes you a step above any gay person? Maybe you should have observed yesterday a little more.

  17. Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan

    Richard Z Hill Jr i am not a racist at all the police didn't do they job and it is what it is just think about this killing someone and another person is there are they going to just stand there and scream or try help you? i"m a child of god there.s is no place in my life for racist

  18. Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan

    Emily Dozier i'm am not ignorant at all if they didn't there case that what happens and two you just think that your husband is killing you and a friend is there do they just stand there and don't help you or just let you get killed and also die along with you so whose ignorant now me or you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan

    and further more i am a high school graduate with college I have a right to my opinion just like you the level of education has nothing to do with it ms smart azz

  20. Richard Z Hill Jr


  21. Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan

    Richard Z Hill Jr look u fat white lonely man if all you have to do is talk the racist there no more need to be said that your opinion i"m am proud to be a negro woman who can take care of her self its people like you that bring hate in our world if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all now you get a fuckin life cause i have a great one it my opinion like i said if you don't like what i said too dam bad

  22. Emily Dozier

    Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan Who's ignorant now? That would still be you. Yor posts are almost unreadable. Try some punctuation.

  23. Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan

    Emily Dozier i was taught if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all so have a good life

  24. Zach Vaccaro

    Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan They did they're job by INVESTIGATING which is what they're by law required to do when a crime takes place. the prosecutor has to prove he did it.

  25. Sweetnjuciey Mcmillan

    Zach Vaccaro i do agree with you Mr.Vaccaro they did there job, but couldn't prove he done it. I watched the hole trail and they couldn't prove he done it. I just think they need to leave the man alone. His kids has been thought enough they already loss there mother and there father was accused of murdering her.Now he in jail enough is enough as far as O.J. is concern, every time something is brought up the kids are paying for it now

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