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Samantha Garvey, 17-Year-Old Homeless Teen, Up For $100,000 Science Award [Video]

samantha garvey

Samantha Garvey is a 17-year-old homeless teenager. She’s also an aspiring biologist and has recently been named a semifinalist in the prestigious national Intel science competition.

Garvey is one of 300 teenagers around the country who will compete for the $100,000 prize in the national Intel Science Talent Search. But even if Garvey doesn’t win the award, her family is already seeing the benefits of Garvey’s scientific work.

ABC reports that donations have been pouring in and the county is working on finding Garvey and her family a home to rent.

Garvey said:

“This is just the most amazing thing you could ask for. “It’s unbelievable. It might as well be the lottery.”

The Long Island teen has been studying the Mussel population in the Long Island salt march for the last two years. Garvey has found that the mussels are able to develop a thicker skin after surviving an attack.

Rebecca Grella, Garvey’s science research teacher, said:

“What Sam found was that, like after anyone, after being attacked you develop a tough skin of shell. These mussels were able to increase their thickness and protect themselves against their predator.”

Fox reports that Garvey and her family were evicted from their home on New Year’s Eve. Garvey’s mother, Olga, was working as a nurse’s assistant but hasn’t worked in the last eight months due to a car accident and her father, Leo, couldn’t keep up with the bills on his salary as a cab drive alone.

Garvey will find out in two weeks if she has made it to the finals in the Intel Science Talent Search.

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7 Responses to “Samantha Garvey, 17-Year-Old Homeless Teen, Up For $100,000 Science Award [Video]”

  1. Tricia Morris Conner

    That is such a brave girl. I am proud of her for being so positive in such a sad time right now.

  2. Dave Hansen

    Truly aspiring! Despite all the odds, she perseveres! Samantha, you make Rambo look like a wussy! Remember my friends! When life sucks, just pull your pants up and Samantha it!

  3. Mary Canaday

    Those are the kinds of stories that really make me wish I had a lot of money! I would love to be able to take the worries off of this family and let this awesome girl truly focus on her talent! Thanks for sharing Kasie!

  4. Kelvin Torres

    Going to the same school as her I'm only used to hearing or reading how our district has always been put down and criticized by others as a "troubled" school district. However seeing a friend like her succeed in such a way not only brings pride to her peers, but it encourages everyone who hears her story to push harder and relate. We're all proud of you Sam :)

  5. Vance Bradford

    Samantha, dear one—God bless you—we are traveling on the narrow, difficult road of obedience to Jesus that leads to eternal life…see you there…much love!

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