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12 Teen Students Come Down With Tourette’s Like Illness


12 High School females at the LeRoy High School in Leroy, New York have been infected with a mystery illness that has given all of them the symptoms of Tourettes Syndrome. Tourettes Syndrome is characterized by involuntary muscle tics and verbal outbursts.

The school held an open house for the parents and more than 150 showed up in this small town. The school confirmed that the girls all had the same disease and that they were being treated. School Officials did not speculate as to what was causing it. They also said it was confirmed this was not a case of hysteria or made up symptoms. Health officials have already said that the girl’s symptoms are very real.

Dr Greg Young a doctor with the New York State Department of Health was quoted as saying,

“I can assure you these children have all been seen by professionals that have come up with answers and they are all being treated and they’re actually doing pretty well.”

Test have been able to rule out environmental factors, infections, illegal drugs and carbon monoxide poisoning. Dr Young said that tics like this can be caused by a number of factors such as genetics, head trauma, drugs for ADHD and OCD and antihistamines.

Parent s have repeatedly told the media they are frustrated with a lack of information.

What type of information would you want to know if you were in Leroy, New York?

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22 Responses to “12 Teen Students Come Down With Tourette’s Like Illness”

  1. Shawn Caswell

    In Uganda, Another Outbreak of Nodding Syndrome, a Disease Epidemiologists Can’t Explain.

    Nodding syndrome, a disease that has sickened more than a thousand children in northern Uganda since the summer, is named for its most distinctive symptom: involuntary, at times violent bobbing of the head, like someone repeatedly nodding yes or snapping out of a doze. Outbreaks of nodding syndrome cropped up in South Sudan this summer, in the same region of Uganda two years ago, in southern Sudan—not yet an independent nation—in 2001, and periodically in remote mountain villages in Tanzania. Nearly half a century has passed since the first reported case, but epidemiologists still have only a rudimentary understanding of this mysterious disease. They’ve found few hints as to what might cause it, and no effective treatments.

    The diseases strikes otherwise healthy children, usually between ages 5 and 15. The children first have trouble concentrating; soon, the characteristic head-nodding, often triggered by eating or the sight of food, begins. As the disease progresses, it stunts growth and leads to physical disabilities and cognitive decline. The prognosis only gets worse from there: pediatrician Jennifer Foltz, an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer who tracked the 2009 Ugandan outbreak, says in a CDC video about the condition, “We haven’t had any reports that anybody’s improved and gotten better from this disease, and we have gotten reports that children have passed away from the disease.” Scott Dowell, another CDC investigator, had an even bleaker take. “Once they have it, they are going to die with it, and much earlier than they would have otherwise,” he told Nature News.

    Recent investigations have yielded some clues. Epidemiologists now know that the syndrome is a new seizure disorder, with seizures that, among other effects, cause the neck to momentarily lose muscle tone, triggering a head bob. Brain imaging studies have uncovered signs of neural degeneration. Some researchers have suggested that Onchocerca volvulus, the parasitic worm that causes river blindness, might be linked to nodding syndrome as well—but what the parasite’s role in the disease is, exactly, remains a mystery. So, too, does how to treat the condition.

  2. Shawn Caswell

    Does Gardisil side effects cause paralysis? Nodding syndrome borne by parasite transmission does.

    @whec_bbrean, Paralysis not tics. We're posting the raw comments of doc from NYS public health @ That mite answer some of your questions.

  3. Rose Principe

    The NY Dept of Health should be looking beyond the conventional illnesses and open their minds to this new poison in our atmosphere! When will the world open its eyes to this glaring danger…how many more children will have to become ill? More parents need to become informed

  4. Gail Mason

    Rose Principe – If it was a poison in the atmosphere then why would only 12 teenage girls be affected? I'm not buying that argument.

  5. Mikki Centeio Pereira

    Could it be that they are all faking symptoms? Like the kids from the Salem witch trial in the 1600's.

  6. Anthony Vivardo

    Gail Mason – Because electrohypersensitivity does not affect everyone in the same way. Also, most kids may have problems but they are not reporting it. You need to do your research and not turn a blind eye to this real emerging poisoning of humanity. It was been researched and proven that most wireless sources over time DO cause cellular change in the human body. If you don't think it is the atmospheric/environmental conditions, then what do you think is causing this problem? 12 girls from the same school is a very high percentage to have the same illness symptoms. Most health problems in the world are caused by our atmosphere/environment.

  7. Jeremy B Walls

    I have Tourette's and someone suspected when I was in Rochester university NY (also very near Leroy) I could have gotten it from a vaccine of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella….because after 10 or 11 days later after the shot did my Tourette's all of a sudden Tic out…and I have had it ever since then (from 19 yrs old to 37 yrs old)…..Where is the light? My real name is NOT J.S. by the way because I would never have been able to quote on Facebook without loosing my identity! (It is J.W.)

  8. Mikki Centeio Pereira

    Anthony Vivardo , It was just a suggestion, no i didn't see the video when i posted this. i seen it on the news last night, no i do not think she was faking.

  9. Anthony Vivardo

    Mikki Centeio Pereira – At first, I think a lot of people may have speculated – even myself. But, once I saw the video I could tell this is a REAL problem. Hopefully, it gets enough press coverage and find out the reason for the problem. These girls are very young and deserve a quality life.

  10. Daniel James Pierce

    Once you find correlations between all the girls and how there interacting with the environment (experiencing stress, taking medication, wearing the same brand of tampon, eating moldy cafeteria food, breathing in chemicals in the school etc, then you can narrow those correlations down to a view and decide for your self. I personally believe this has something to do with medication such as Adderall that some of the girls mentioned taking ( I don't know if they where all taking that but I do know eldest a view of them where and if they where all taking that "Let's all wake UP" ). However it would make sense if they where because everything would be on a "hush" about giving a solid answer/diagnosis like it has been playing out. I do know that case's like this have frequently been caused by Adderall and a mixture of environmental factors but it has not been able to be proven because of the existence of other possibilities. This case is different. m/ dnam e=Adderall&sid=6025&eid =2487.

    I'm really interested to know, this is not just 12 girls experiencing "stress" all at the same time all at the same place. These 12 girls are being effected by an un natural environmental factor that is causing a severe neurological chemical imbalance inside there head. We should not just accept a "diagnosis" but rather an explanation based on empirical evidence on how they obtained this behavior from there environment……

  11. James Bridgeman

    The Migraine Headache sympton is often caused by Excitotoxins, according to Neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, in his fine book, "Excitotoxins – The Taste That Kills", and Excitotoxins excite the body's Nerve Cells similar to Tourette Syndrome!

  12. Erika Foster

    Since it is all females, perhaps there is some kind of toxic mold in the girls locker room, or some other area that only the females go, like girls restrooms.

  13. Karla Reisch Akins

    I'd like to know if they've all had some of the newer vaccines.

  14. Matthew Watson

    what if it is some kind of neurotoxin they all picked up out of maybe a drinking fountain in the locker room? couldn't they try a shot of epinefrin to see if it has an affect?

  15. Lori Andreas

    They need to research P.A.N.D.A.S. The same thing happened to my son 3 years ago. Caused by a streph infection that attacks the brain.

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