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Cop Punches Handicapped Woman in the Face On a Bus [Video]

Cop Punches Special Needs Woman

Seriously? The video below was taken on board a Los Angeles bus. It shows a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy getting into a verbal confrontation with a woman and when she tries to walk past him he punches her in the face.

There was more than one witness to the altercation but there was one man who was brave enough to video tape the incident. Jermaine Green, who taped the incident on his cellphone, said that after the cop punched the woman in the face he came up to Green and told him to give up his cell phone or face arrest.

Green told NBC-LA,

“He said to me look you could be under arrest if you don’t give me that video, do you have any warrants?”

Green told the story of the woman who got on the bus with a shopping cart filled with pillows. At the next stop the two sheriff’s deputies got on and tried to remove the woman and they got into a verbal confrontation. Greene said it was obvious the woman had “special needs”. At one point the woman tries to move past the cop and he throws a right hook at her face, smashing her off balance.

The tape ends with her being restrained on a seat.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office said the woman was restrained because she had acted aggressively towards the officer.

The woman has previous arrests for assault and assault on a police officer.

Do you think the officer had a right to punch a mentally handicapped woman in the face?

Watch the horrifying video right here!

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3 Responses to “Cop Punches Handicapped Woman in the Face On a Bus [Video]”

  1. Christopher F Cheney

    the officer has no right to ask for a cell phone and he should be charged for harrasment on by the way… this wsa over pillows? reallly pillows…. she didn't aggersive towards the officer she was trying to go to the other side the tape shows this. how about you train you damn officers better? just cause someone disbale does not mean they don't know what there doing sometimes… so its harder to control someone… I think there other action that cuold of been better like a taser or how about stop being a pussy.

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