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Miley Cyrus sued for $4 billion over “slant-eyed” picture


A Los Angeles woman is suing Miley Cyrus over her now infamous “slant-eyed” picture, claiming that over 1 million people of Asian Pacific Islander descent in the Los Angeles area are victims “of [Cyrus’] discriminatory acts.”

But where the suit gets seriously insane is the amount claimed: $4 billion in damages, and possibly more!

In the suit filed in the LA County Superior Court, Lucie J. Kim claims that each Asian Pacific Islander in L.A. County is entitled to a minimum of $4,000 for a civil-rights violation stemming from the photograph.

Kim claims in the suit that Miley “knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which Cyrus knew focused on her private life,” and that Miley “had actual knowledge that her conduct was in fact a form of racism, prejudice and mockery of the physical attributes of Asian Pacific Islanders.”

I’m not expert on racism, but the last time I looked Pacific Islanders and Asians are significantly different, so besides the insane amount of money asked for, it’s interesting to see Islanders and Asians lumped together in the same ethnic grouping. Besides, no sane person would think Miley was being racist towards a Maori person or someone from New Guinea, it was clearly a racist slur at Asians, in particular a slur that has been historically directed at Chinese and Japanese people.

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27 Responses to “Miley Cyrus sued for $4 billion over “slant-eyed” picture”

  1. Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins

    Methinks this lady doesn't quite understand the meaning of the word “discriminatory.” Technically, I as a Caucasian, am being discriminated against in this photo…. she isn't making fun of my race, or Mexicans or Portuguese or Turkish. She's (allegedly) making fun of Asians – and thereby withholding the teasing of all other races.

    Where do I file my suit for $4 billion?


    Let's take a look at the evidence:

    1) mileys hot.

    2) the people who filed the lawsuit are just upset that they look like that.

    Verdict: Mileys hot.

  3. emmanuelle Paulin

    OMG, poor miley, its obviously just a pic with friends, goofing off. someone should sue the suer for the stupidest claim ever.

  4. emmanuelle Paulin

    im offended she makes fun of girls and people in general. i want $8billion!

  5. Steph

    Ha Ha Shame
    I hate Miley Cyrus. She deserves it. Stupid Bitch!
    PS she can't even sing and her show is crap.

  6. Vicky

    Oh for gods sake!
    Why are people so Miley drooly?
    If you hate her so much, why bother spending your time to post an awful comment about her?
    This photo was meant to stay in her private life, you know the one thats not all over the newspapers or the sad websites that find amusment in telling the world that “Miley took a picture a hee hee hee”
    Gawd people, get a life!

  7. G.A.

    This is stupid. People just sues her because of the money they can claim for legal rights or whatever you call it. It's plain stupidity. What's wrong with making slant eyes? It's just an expression for an informal picture. I can do the fascist salute(AKA Hitler salute) and people so sue me for this cause' it was for fun? That's really F-ed up. It's an informal picture but I don't see anyone sueing me for “Loving” Hitler. What's wrong with these Asian – Americans that they want $4000 from it? I'm a freaking pure Asian and I don't care cos I've done Hitler salutes, much worse goofy faces. I've also done some pictures where I'm insulting a person and I don't see him sueing me for it.
    Therefore, people who are sueing her is pretty deprived. Either they are just trying to get money from her due to recession or they are just greedy…

  8. G.A.

    First of all read my comment. Second of all, you are just another idiot who is greedy for money.

  9. j3shika

    I find this hilarious.
    But mainly aiming and Chinese and Japanese? Koreans are more slant-eyed than Japanese people!
    Aside from that, I don't feel that the lady should ask for that much money(I'm korean).
    I think a thousand should be the max, and yes, I do sort of feel offended.
    I just think she should hang out around people her age, not people around 20 and up.
    Idk what the hell her parents are thinking in letting her stay around that guy…she should focus on singing, instead of having someone sing half the time for her in her live concerts behind the damn curtains.

  10. j3shika

    I don't think Nazi's really exist anymore.
    And what's wrong with Asian-Americans? What, just because one asian lady is being a bit tweeked in her head defines and represent the rest of the Asians?
    And I don't give a damn if you're asian, you just posted some stupid shit up.

  11. dude

    that's really ignorant to say that Nazi's don't exist. do you live under a rock? check your facts before posting “some stupid shit up”.

  12. dude

    i guess all the acting in moves and such better stop because anyone portraying anyone besides themselves may get them sued. people act retarded, backwoods, they use accents not their own, mock religion and politics….and usually people who don't like it, don't watch it or support it financially. people who look for things to get offended about, in my opinion, deserve it.

  13. Sara

    I don't know how they see her as being racist against them. Just look at the picture and tell me how she is? The is an Asian-American in the picture. Maybe she's just trying to squint her eyes and just never learned how since just about everyone else is doing squinty eyes except for the Asian-American. They are just overlooking the entire picture.

  14. iluhlunlk

    Excuse me dipshits. Miley Cyrus is a disgrace to all teenage girls. Not all of them are dumb fucks like her. This is honestly very rascist! Are you BLIND? Can't you see all these people are mocking asians by making their eyes extremely slanted? Most asians I know don't even have eyes like that! I sure as hell don't. Doesn't this brat even realize some of her fans are asian? Fuck her, she needs to get sued off her high horse.

  15. nech

    you people are such assholes!
    she clearly didnt mean that face thing to discriminate any asians.
    she cant do that, caz poele all over the world like her.
    and, have you seen her shows in disney, she's totally childish, so of course she'll be making stupid faces and whatever.
    i bet this is a less on to miley to stop acting the fool infront of the camera!!!!
    now she got a lifeimte to pay dat money.
    either way, i dont like her shows, i dont like her singing and whatever other crap she does, but i am being real on the matter.
    why dont you talk about rihanna and chris brown instead. DAT'S SOMETHING REAL!

  16. Chocolatethunder

    She's a teenage girl acting like most teenage girls with out the high horse stuck up their arse's like you.

  17. j3shika

    besides, does that party exist?? I thought it went down with Hitler.
    And no, I don't mean no Nazi admirers or those idiots trying to bring it back…those stupid wannabe Nazis.
    And I said I don't THINK. I never said it was a fact.
    Check your facts before posting some really stupid shit up.

  18. avalee

    this is a STUPID!!..i don't give a rats ass about this cyrus chick, but i AM asian…i don't know if this KIM lady realizes it or not..but damn it–she's making asian people look UPTIGHT as hell! we're probably the most laid back people out here in the world! if this cyrus chick was really racist, there WOULDN'T be a damn ASIAN in the DAMN PICTURE!

  19. nicole mifsud

    this whole thing is completly stupid!
    all these asians need to grow up and get over it – why do they always think people are being racist towards them.
    i bet half of them werent even bothered by the picture but i bet they all still take the money!
    just accept her sorry and get on with your lives!
    u bunch of twats
    peace x

  20. nicole mifsud

    fukin grow up the lot of uoo
    all of uoo hu think this picture is offencive just dont look at it!
    clearly she was just mukin round with her friends
    so grow up n get over it!

  21. Borggy

    what is stupid? that a lady got sick and tired of being discriminated against so she files a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against cyrus… seriously, how many times do you think asian people get the “slanted eye look” and not get mad or take offense to it.. ACTUALLY im glad SOMEONE stepped up to the plate and is going to hold her ground.. at least this “KIM” lady has the balls to stand up to a 16 yr old punk who thinks she can do whatever she wants cauz shes a “star”.. LOL @ …she's making asian people look uptight? you asians have ALWAYS been uptight… AND COWARDLY… most laid back people in the world? i guess we will have to disagree on that one because you DEFINITELY aint from america… not a big fan of cyrus and yes taking that picture when she KNOWS the public will see it one day.. THAT was stupid and she needs to pay for her mistakes… by the way just because an asian is in the picture doesnt mean that she isnt racist… and when the asian is the ONLY ONE NOT slanting his eyes even proves a bigger case for the “KIM” lady because it definitely wouldnt have been racist if he was doing it as well…

  22. tabeekat

    you don't cause you can't sew kids! your just greedy for money!

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