David Hedrick

DNA Sample Cracks 21 Year Old Murder Case

Police in central Florida caught a lucky break in a 21 year old murder investigation when tax cheater David Hedrick had to give a DNA sample as part of a 15 year probation sentence.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Headrick began serving his sentence by giving the DNA sample.

The DNA sample was run through various crime databases and they got a hit from a grisly murder that had taken place 20 years prior.

Betty Clair Foster was found dead of multiple stab wounds inside the computer store where she was a receptionist. At the time there was blood found in the shop and outside also.

Clair was believed to be the only one around the store at the time. The store was unlocked but the windows were drawn. Police investigators found no evidence of robbery as a motive. No money was missing from her purse.

The case was investigated for years, but with any case where there are no suspects or leads it began to fall by the wayside. Then Hedrick got arrested for failing to pay a large amount of state sales tax.

In Florida, anyone convicted of a felony is required to give a DNA sample for registering in a national database. Those doing the registration for Hedrick noticed he had scars on his fingers.

The test results and registration showed a direct match to DNA found at the murder scene. Police dispatched to arrest Hedrick on Monday morning . He is currently in custody and charged with 1st degree murder.

Should State Authorities have the right to demand DNA samples from convicted felons?