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Amanda Cummings’ Suicide Leads to New York Cyberbullying Bill

Amanda Cummings

After the tragic suicide of 15 year old Amanda Cummings last week, one New York State lawmaker is planning on attacking cyberbullying. Senator Jeffrey D. Klein has introduced a bill to make the penalties for cyberbullying much stronger.

In a written statement, Klein’s office said,

“Tragically, we’re seeing modern technology used as a weapon and our laws have not kept pace with that technology. This legislation will give prosecutors the tools they need to treat cyberbullying as the crime it is and also send a message that this type of reckless and potentially deadly behavior will not be tolerated.”

Among other things, it would fully address the idea of using electronic communication to harass or stalk someone. The bill would make the following changes to current law,

  • Include bullying of a youth by electronic communications a crime of Third Degree Stalking
  • Include electronic communications as a form of Aggravated Harassment.

It would also provide hate crime status to certain types of cyberbullying.

According to the Huffington Post, Senator Diane Savino said,

“This is a new world where bullying, once confined to the school yard, now follows its victims wherever the Internet goes. Before there is another tragedy, we need to treat cyberbullying as the crime that it is.”

Amanda Cummings killed herself by jumping in front of a bus two days before Christmas. It came out after she was in the hospital that there were a group of kids at school who bullied her incessantly. They stole her stuff and taunted her all the time, even online, even while she lay dying.

Shortly after she dies, her mother went on her Facebook page and wrote,

“This is to all you evil son of a bitches that picked on, talked about and threatened my baby. I HOPE YOU DIE and I HOPE YOU SUFFER.”

What do you think of the New York Cyberbullying law?

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3 Responses to “Amanda Cummings’ Suicide Leads to New York Cyberbullying Bill”

  1. PeggyKay Karper

    I think all states should a law passed where that any kind of bullying , taunting or harassing done is in schools if the kids who are doing the bullying, ect should be punished and if it it is done through cell phones ( which should not be allowed in schools) or over the internet should be punishable by law time spent in jail not just a fine. and if the kids are punished then their parents should be for allowing them or raising them to be bullies. I know what it was like for this girl, I had the same thing happen to me in jr and sr high, when kiids are suppose to be so mature that is where they acted the most like children. I spent many times in the guidance office or principles office and they did nothing to stop it. Now kids are killing themselves cause they can not take it anymore. It is a form of abuse, mental/oral abuse which is sometimes worse then physical. I would love to see the same thing happen to these bullies and see how they like it then. I watched a movie on sexting the other night and it turned out it was the mother of another student who did sent out the text messages to other students. she was arrested for child pornography well this needs to happen more often. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.

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