steven tyler january 2012

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Says Supreme Court Should Be Stricter About TV Swears, Nudity

Steven Tyler- you know the guy who is like an ancient plesiosaur but has like a whole bunch of kids with groupies and has spent the last four decades wearing obscenely tight pants?

That guy is complaining about indecency. Like, not that people are calling his music indecent, or criticizing the shenanigans on the show he hosts, American Idol– like rockstar Steven Tyler would like it if people on the tee vee would comport themselves in a more dignified fashion, thank you very much. Oh, and his remarks are addressed to the Supreme Court, who are about to review a case about decency standards and broadcast TV.

It’s an interesting perspective because when I was a kid, Frank Zappa was leading a charge against censorship and all the big alt-rock bands of the day spoke out about it, so supporting censorship seems to me to be a very un-rock-n-roll thing to do. But Tyler says he is sick and tired of scantily clad women dancing across his television screen, and doesn’t wish to see people using coarse language to one another. He explains:

“There’s a certain charm and passion and magic in not showing full-frontal nudity [or using frequently expletives]… It’s really hot when you only show a little.”

Grandpa Steve says that he’s no saint, and admits to having breached his own decency standards from time to time on air- but he said that as a whole, it makes viewing unpleasant:

“I have (cursed on air) a couple times, because it is 2012… If you start surfing channel to channel and you’re on NBC and it’s (expletive) and channel 4 and it’s (expletive) and channel 7 and it’s (expletive), it wouldn’t be fun to surf.”

Tyler also suggested naughty puns are okay, but when it’s direct and “blunt,” that “turns it into something crass.” Do you agree with Steven Tyler that network TV has gotten too coarse?