Chris Brown fights back: Insiders claim Rihanna beat Brown, has history of violence

Having clearly won his first fight with Rihanna, Chris Brown now wants to win round 2 by giving Rihanna a beating in the press.

People close to Chris Brown have started a campaign targeting Rihanna, making serious allegations such as Rihanna having a history of violence, that Rihanna beat Brown regularly, and even that Rihanna isn’t fully co-operating with the police because she has something to hide.

Most of the allegations appear on, a pro-Brown site with a tendency towards being misogynistic.

The allegations include

  • Rihanna having a long history of violence, including attacking her brother with a broken bottle
  • That Rihanna regularly beat Brown, and that Brown being beaten by Rihanna caused a car crash resulting in most of Rihanna’s injuries

    [Rihanna is] outrageously jealous and insecure. So [Chris] would get into arguments and fights with her. He never hit her once but she’d [allegedly] smack him, bite him and scratch him and once he even got hit in the balls kinda’ hard. So [she] got into the habit of hitting him because to her it was fine since he never hit her back.

    [On Saturday night, Chris] finally told her to shut the f*ck up and it’s over. So she socked the shit out of him while he was driving and kept on hitting him until he crashed into a parked car.

    [Chris] then got out of the car and tried to pull her out and got hit in the face some more numerous times. Scratched up and everything.

    Simply because he was done with all of the drama. Anyway when she smacked him this last time he smacked her back. So he [left Rihanna there alone].

    Hurt from banging her face on the windshield/dashboard from the car accident [somebody] then called the cops and [Rihanna] told them that [Chris] whipped her ass.

  • Suggestions that Rihanna isn’t fully co-operating with the police because she won’t tell them what the argument was about leading up to the incident. Notably, the story headline reads “what does she have to hide.”

The stories appear to be a concerted effort by Brown to bring Rihanna down. What they also are is direspectful to a victim of domestic violence. And lets remember one important point here: Rihanna had teeth marks on her; car crashes don’t cause teeth marks last time I checked.