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Mile High Halo Forms During Tim Tebow’s Miraculous Win

Tim Tebow is God’s favorite quarterback. There’s no other rational explanation (besides all of them). Tebow threw for 316 yards during the Broncos victory over the Steelers (Tebow had the biblical verse John 3:16 written under his eyes in college) and during the game a “Mile High Halo” formed over the stadium.

So you can’t really blame fans for replacing Tebow’s name on the back of their jerseys with “Jesus.”

The Huffington Post reports that Mark Neuman-Lee, a photographer that attended the Steelers/Broncos game, photographed the Mile High Halo after the Broncos scored their first field goal. Neuman said that he has never seen anything like the ring before. Two other season ticket holders also said that the Mile High Halo was a very strange, and unique, occurrence.

mile high halo

So is Tim Tebow God’s favorite quarterback? Bleacher Reports notes that Tebow racked up 7 improbable come back victories during the regular season, and with his 80-yard touchdown pass to beat the Steelers over wild card weekend it’s getting hard to deny the fact that there may be a 12th man on the field.

So are the Broncos just witnessing a series of coincidences? Or is Tim Tebow really the second coming of John Elway?