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Richard Hopkins, Famed British Producer, Loses Battle with Cancer at 47

BBC News today announced that Richard Hopkins, a British television producer who was instrumental in bringing “Dancing With the Stars” to the United States, has died. He was 47.

According to the report, Hopkins died Saturday in Britain after an 8-month battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife Katy and his three daughters.

Over the course of his career, Hopkins produced hit reality shows for BBC such as Fame Academy, Mastermind, The Weakest Link and Fear Factor, but his biggest success was in helping develop, pitch and produce Strictly Come Dancing, which has been sold by the network to more than 30 territories and become one of the world’s most successful competition formats.

Richard also served as exec producer for the American version of the show, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars

To this day DWTS remains one of the most successful shows on American Television, and has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards.

Following his run as senior entertainment executive at BBC (2003 – 2006) Hopkins went onto launch Fever Media with David Mortimer in April 2006.

Over the last 6 years Fever Media has made a host of programs for broadcasters in the UK and around the world, many of which Hopkins executive produced, including The People’s Quiz, Move Like Michael Jackson and most recently Catch for US TV.

Upon hearing of Hopkin’s death, Mortimer released the following statement:

“Television is by its nature an ephemeral business, so very few of us can hope to have any lasting legacy,” said Mortimer. “Richard was a glorious exception to this rule, and as one of the greatest producers of his generation he quite literally got the world dancing. I was privileged to be both his business partner and friend and my heart goes out to his wife Katy and his three beautiful girls, Angelica, Joséphine and Julianna.”

Image & Source: BBC News