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Kate Middleton Moved to Tears at “War Horse” Premiere, Spends 30th Birthday in Private

Kate Middleton spent the day before her 30th birthday at the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse.” The Duchess of Cambridge was accompanied by Prince William and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

According to Spielberg, Kate Middleton was moved to tears by “War Horse.” Spielberg said:

“I was sitting next to her and all I know is at one point my wife, who was sitting to my right, right in front of my face she passed a Kleenex. I saw the Kleenex go across my face, arrive and stop but I didn’t want to intrude on her experience watching ‘War Horse,’ so I never glanced over.”

After the event Middleton and William hosted a gala at the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace to benefit the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Jeremy Irvine, the lead actor in “War Horse,” said:

The fact that they’re here to watch my fat face on a cinema screen is bizarre. It’s such a thrill. And also for their charity. It’s a great cause.”

Here’s the trailer for “War Horse.”

After the public event Middleton and William retired from the spotlight for a “low-key and private” birthday. The CS Monitor notes that the “low-key” party was expected as Middleton is not only leaving her 20s, but also because she is transitioning into the role of the future queen.

Robert Jobson, author of “William and Kate: The Love Story,” said:

“She’s done very well, playing a very good supporting role to Prince William and complementing him as part of a team. We’ve not seen much of her, but when she’s in public she has performed with aplomb.”

Middleton will spend the first year of her 30s helping Queen Elizabeth II celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, as well as play a supporting role at the 2012 London Olympics.