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Corey Feldman Says He’ll Expose Two Hollywood Moguls Who Sexually Abused Him

Corey Feldman - Lost Boys Star

During his time in Hollywood Corey Feldman has taken on several successful roles, most notably for his turn as a vampire in The Lost Boys and his starring roles in Stand By Me and Goonies and now he’s bringing the spotlight back onto himself for a different reason, exposing what he says are two of Hollywood’s biggest moguls as alleged pedophiles.

Speaking to The Sun Feldman says of the men who abused him at 14-years-old:

“These older men were leching around like vultures,” and “There are people who have got away with it for so long they think they are above the law. That’s got to stop.”

This isn’t the first time Corey Feldman has hinted at his childhood abuse, on his short-lived reality TV show The Two Coreys he and Lost Boys co-star Corey Haim had hinted at being abused during their rise to fame in Hollywood. Haim unfortunately died before he could help expose those men, Haim had suffered from years of drug problems and succumbed to heart disease and pneumonia at just 38-years-old.

“I stood up and said there is a bigger problem, that I’d lost Corey and that I didn’t want to see any more kids lost to these sick perverts,” says Feldman.

Feldman’s promise to expose the Hollywood moguls that sexually abused him comes at a time when more than a dozen actors, managers and production assistants have been tried and convicted for child abuse since 2000.

Do you think it’s brave of Corey Feldman to finally be prepared to expose the men who abused him? Should he have come forward nearly 25 years earlier?

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11 Responses to “Corey Feldman Says He’ll Expose Two Hollywood Moguls Who Sexually Abused Him”

  1. Blair Corbett

    That's awesome! Go Corey. I coach, mentor and counsel dozens of abuse victims, many male. Yes it's brave an very much needed.

  2. Blair Corbett

    If you have faced child abuse now or in the past, male or female, There is a site where you can receive encouragement, and hope, filled with fellow survivors. It is a free and anonymous social support network with 19 chat rooms devoted to almost any victims need. I am there most evenings U.S. time. Register free and look me up, Blair Corbett.

  3. Abbie Priestley

    I really hope for the sake of the late Corey Haim and any other boys/girls out there that to this day are STILL victims of such disgusting things as abuse, that he does name them, I understand that it is just as hard for him and respect him for speaking out so far, but shouldn't his motive be the fact that he lost his closest friend who had suffered the same kind of abuse to the hands of someone Feldman still kept in touch with? Career or no career it is a risk he should be willing to take.

  4. Jo Jones

    be careful.. a lot of these guys are of the illuminati they will fuckd u up for sure.. becareful

  5. Rachael Cabrales

    It will help protect other kids from those people in the future. If that story is true…you should tell.

  6. Chelle Teeters

    I admire Corey for doing what he is doing it takes a lot of courage to speak out, whether it happened 30 yrs ago or yesterday its very hard to bring things out in the open especially if you have tried to forget them.

  7. Peter McDonald

    As a survivor sexual abuse I applaud and admire ANYONE that has the courage to come forward and expose not only themselves, but the sick and twisted individuals that perpetrated the act. GO COREY GO!

    @ Author James Johnson: Are you a complete….no..wait, you sound like a complete IDIOT with your closing question! Had you searched your ethics a little longer I would hope that you would have rethought it and removed it. Do you have ANY idea at all what the victim of sexual abuse goes through throughout their lives? The overbearing sense of shame and guilt and fear that nobody would believe them if they told and that they fear their own thoughts and emotions to ensure that they too aren't 'getting weird' like their attacker?
    I am completely offended by your question and the implications it contains.

  8. Joseph Henderson

    Bravo indeed, he will do what's best to move forward with his own life and, hopefully, keep other minors safer…and lets not forget that some young boys are "used" by women which is still sexual abuse even though society thinks it's cool

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