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Josh Lucas Engaged to Mystery Woman

Josh Lucas appeared on Jay Leno last night to promote his new show, “The Firm,” and he had some big news for the talk show host. Josh Lucas is getting engaged!

But Lucas was pretty quiet about the details, like his future wife’s name, but he did have a pretty interesting story about how he decided to pop the question.

Lucas, 40, said that he decided to ask his mystery woman to marry him after he came face to face with a mountain lion in California. After the encounter, he returned home to his girlfriend.

Lucas said:

“I get to the point where I realize I can see nothing…I hear two big breaths and six feet above me I see the very slight glint of the eyes of a huge [mountain lion] and I literally proceed to do what I had just read in the instructions. And I started screaming and yelling and literally being as crazy as I could be, it padded off and just slowly went away and I worked my way into the trailer and I got in and I decided at that moment that this woman was the woman for me.”

josh lucas

Josh Lucas hasn’t identified his mystery fiance yet but E! Online guesses that she’s the woman (pictured above) that he attended the J. Edgar premier with.

Josh Lucas will be starring in “The Firm,” a new television series on NBC. Here’s a preview for “The Firm.”

Are you a fan of Josh Lucas? Will you be watching “The Firm?”