Moon Landing

Moon Mineral Discovered Inside Ancient Earth Rock

When Astronauts in 1969 brought back a sample of moon rock scientists didn’t know what to expect, not it turns out that one of the minerals is actually available right here on Earth.

Scientists examining billion-year-old rocks in Australia discovered small amounts of Tranquillityite, a substance named after the Sea of Tranquility.

Researchers had long believed the substance was “the moon’s own mineral.”

After the Apollo landing scientists were able to discover two more moon substances on Earth but then their search for remaining minerals ran dry.

The substance known as Tranquillityite is made up mostly of the following minerals; iron, silicon, oxygen, zirconium, titanium, and yttrium

The Telegraph is quick to point out that the substance has no economic value but will help scientists gauge the age of other rocks in which the substance is found.

Speaking about his find the paleontologist who found the rocks called it “a bit of a thrill” and was surprised that he and his fellow paleontologists hadn’t managed to discover the substance earlier, telling the Sydney Morning Herald:

“I suspect that people weren’t really looking that hard.”

Those moon rocks that are worth a fortune just keep appearing to be more like regular earth rocks every single day.

Do you think it’s cool to learn that hard to find elements from the moon’s surface are actually located right here on Earth?