Jon Huntsman United States President Candidate

Boston Globe Endorses Jon Huntsman, Shuns States Former Governor Mitt Romney

Despite his role as the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney this week was not able to gain the endorsement of the Boston Globe, the states largest newspaper. Instead the papers endorsement went to Romney rival Jon Huntsman, a candidate who was barely able to make a dent during the Iowa Caucus.

According to the Boston Globe it has been Huntsman’s bold moves that place him higher up its totem poll then Romney. As the paper explains where Romney has been cautious Huntsman has been bold and “rather than merely sketch out policies, he articulates goals and ideals.”

The paper also praised Huntsman’s foreign policy credentials and his ability to lead in the spirit of bipartisanship “reject evolution and the science behind global warming.”

The Globe did call Mitt Romney the only other “truly presidential” candidate on the ballot and said he showed “glimmers of the same qualities” that Huntsman has but ultimately he allowed those qualities to fade away on the campaign trail.

You may recall that in 2008 the Boston Globe chose to endorse Mitt Romney opponent John McCain and this time around they say Romney was wrong because he has been pushed in “unwanted directions” by the Tea Party and members of the religious right. As the Globe states:

“Jon Huntsman would be a better president … but if he fails, he could still make Romney a better candidate.”

In other words if Jon Huntsman loses he could make a great running partner in the Vice President passenger seat.

Do you agree with the Boston Globe? Why or why not?