'In Dog We Trust' rug will be auctioned.

‘In Dog We Trust’ Misprinted Rug To Be Auctioned, Proceeds Donated To Animal Rescue

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department has been the subject of some humor this week, since a rug they ordered was misprinted with the phrase, “In dog we trust,” rather than the intended, “In God we trust.” While the rug has made the department the subject of some fun-poking, the department has decided to make the best of it, and give dog the glory. That is, they’re holding an auction for the misprinted rug, and they’ll donate the proceeds to a local animal rescue.

Local 10 reported on Thursday that a deputy had discovered the error. The rug was already in place in the Sheriff’s Department lobby when “In dog we trust” was noticed. The department quickly removed the rug, and contacted the company that printed it.

The Maryland-based company, American Floor Mats, promised to replace the offending floor mat with a new one, but the public wasn’t letting it go. In response to questions, the Pinella County Sheriff’s Department shared a photo of the rug on their Facebook page, along with this message.

“We will not ‘sweep anything under the rug.’ Due to extensive interest regarding our plans for the ‘doggone’ rug, you can bid on it at the link below, and we will donate 100% of your bid to Canine Estates Inc., a local animal rescue.”

A representative of Canine Estates says the money will help care for the 10 dogs they’ve recently taken in.

The auction, located here, has reached $2,800 as of Saturday afternoon, with three days to go, rising from a starting bid of $100. The rug reportedly cost the department $500. The auction also bears an assurance that 100 percent of the bid will be donated to Canine Estates, and notes that, if the buyer is local, the department would like to host a check presentation, and include the buyer.

The sheriff’s department has received numerous other suggestions for the rugs, including transferring them to the K9 division, where “in dog we trust” would be a completely appropriate sentiment, or sending the rug to reality star Dog the Bounty Hunter. However, the department has elected to take an item that has made them the subject of jokes and mockery, and turn it into a positive thing for animals in need.

The auction for the rug ends Wednesday afternoon. If you’d like to have a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department logo and the words “in dog we trust” in your living room, you have a few days left to make your bid.

[Photo: Pinellas County Sherrif’s Department]