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Baron Davis Suffers a Herniated What? Newspaper Makes Embarrassing Typo

Most sources reported earlier this week that a herniated disc had kept Baron Davis on the sidelines as the New York Knicks took on Charlotte Bobcats. The Charlotte Observer, on the other hand, had the real scoop on why Davis was sitting on the bench. The Knick player suffered from a herniated dick.

Observer executive sports editor Mike Persinger realized the mistake after the typo was sent to print. Persinger clarified the mistake today saying that the original report read “herniated disc” and was supposed to be changed to “herniated disk.” But somehow, after numerous eyes had read the line, “herniated dick” made its way into the newspaper.

Persinger writes:

Observer reporter Rick Bonnell wrote (that Baron Davis was) recovering from a ‘herniated disc’ in his back. The box was edited by an experienced copy editor… and moved along in the production process as written… A second editor… recognized that ‘herniated disc’ doesn’t conform to the newspaper’s style for that type of injury, and that it should be ‘herniated disk.’ That editor tried to type in the correction, but ended up with an unfortunate typo.”

baron davis

The typo encouraged plenty of snickers around the sports world today, even Baron Davis got in on the joke. Davis tweeted:

“Thanks Charlotte Observer for announcing my new injury. Still able to workout with it. Lol.”

And then:

“Excuse the person from the Observer who made a Typo. . I was Just having fun. My Goldmember is not herinated. Lol.”

Davis is expected to be out with his herniated dick, I mean disk, until late January.