Four-Year-Old Bruce Lee

Four-Year-Old Pulls Off Bruce Lee’s Nunchuk Kung-Fu Moves [Video]

A YouTube video showing a precocious 4-year-old demonstrating flawless nunchuk kung-fu skills has led many to declare that the legendary kung-fu expert and movie star Bruce Lee has been reincarnated.

The 4-year-old demonstrates remarkable ability to mimic Bruce Lee’s skills with ease, twirling the martial arts weapons in a blur in two hands.

He has become an internet star, and the video showing him practicing his incredible skills in his family’s living room has gone viral. Kotaku reports that the video is also being played on Taiwanese TV channels.

The video shows the unnamed 4-year-old handling the martial arts instrument, demonstrating flawless, lightning-fast two-handed technique while a scene from a Bruce Lee kung-fu movie plays on a flat-screen TV in the background. He shows ability, despite his tender age, to handle nunchuks with both hands and re-enact Bruce Lee’s movie technique, style, and moves. He even replicates Bruce Lee’s bloodcurdling cry, facial expressions, and mannerisms while dressed in the legendary movie star’s trademark yellow jumpsuit, which he wore in the 1972 movie Game of Death.

Bruce Lee
Four-Year-Old Mimic Bruce Lee Nunchuk Moves

The boy is shown in another scene dressed in a traditional silk Chinese costume similar to the one Bruce Lee used in the 1972 film Enter the Dragon. It is easy to tell from the Bruce Lee memorabilia in the room that someone living in the house is a Bruce Lee fan.

Viewers impressed with the 4-year-old’s precocious skills have predicted that he will grow to become China’s next great martial arts movie star. Others have declared him Bruce Lee’s reincarnation.

NDTV describes him as the cutest of recent “incarnations of Bruce Lee,” while BuzzFeed says he is the “cutest little badass in the world.”

“Not only is this kid awesome but his costume changes are legendary!” a viewer enthuses.

Bruce Lee
Four-Year-Old Replicates Bruce Lee Moves

The nunchuk, or nunchaku, is a traditional Japanese Okinawan martial arts training weapon used for developing quick reflexes, manual dexterity, and good posture. It consists of two pieces of wood, plastic, fiberglass, or metal connected by a short length of chain or sturdy rope.

They were popularized by Bruce Lee in his early 1970s martial arts movies. He used nunchuks in several of his films, including Fist of Fury, Game of Death, Way of the Dragon, and Enter the Dragon.

This is the second time recently that someone has paid tribute to the martial arts legend on YouTube by replicating his memorable movie moves. Late last year, a young Bruce Lee look-alike from Kabul in Afghanistan, Abbas Alizada, 20, shot to internet stardom when YouTube videos showing him re-enacting Bruce Lee’s moves and memorable scenes from Bruce Lee’s movies went viral online.

The young Afghan, who styles himself “Bruce Hazara” on Facebook, said, “I want to be a champion in my country and a Hollywood star.”

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