Single On Valentine's

Valentine’s Day 2015: Five Funny Ways Singles Can Annoy The Heck Out Of Couples [Images]

Sometimes, as a single person, you just want to annoy those couples who seem to have it all together. Not to call it “hating,” but you want to do it for slight fun. It’s understandable. Many people feel the same way. Anyway, according to For Your Marriage, the divorce rate in the United States has doubled since the 1960s. So why not have a little fun on Valentine’s Day 2015? Here are a few ways singles can fully enjoy the day at other couples’ expenses.

Disclaimer: For comedic purposes only. Should you try any of the following, it’s at your own discretion.

1. Valentine’s Day 2015: Ride Around Singing And Blasting Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

This song is pretty much the anthem for single people. It’d be hilarious to see couples’ reactions if you would pull up beside them singing like you’re auditioning for American Idol. Nothing would prepare you to cherish their reactions like a camcorder.

2. Valentine’s Day 2015: Sing The Same Song Even Louder At Karaoke

Like the rest of the world, the U.S. is a nation that loves karaoke. It’s just something about horribly mangling songs that brings the citizens together. So, share your love for music on that most-romantic of days.

3. Valentine’s Day 2015: Have A “Singles Only” Party Near Venues Where Couples Hangout

“Party over here! Nothing over there.” This surely would annoy even the most humble of couples. Though funny, you would need to have appropriate signage outside the party. You know, like: “Singles Only,” “Remember These Days?” “Sure Wish I Was Single… Oh Wait,” and the classic “If You Only Knew Then What You Know Now.” You’d need to have people outside taking photos of the on-lookers for a hilarious collage.

4. Valentine’s Day 2015: Have Valentine’s Gifts “Anonymously” Delivered To Yourself At Work

Of course, the buzz wouldn’t be complete without the nosy co-workers seeing you receive gifts all day from “secret admirers.” As aforementioned, it’s all in good fun, right? Why not toss a hot sauce into the mix and spice things up a bit? You can clarify things the next day, if you choose.

5. Valentine’s Day 2015: Just Be Completely Unbothered And Enjoy The Entire Day


It’s a day for love. You just happened to love to laugh. Given these possible scenarios, one would surely “bust a gut” throughout the day.

However, again, this was just for comedic purposes and is not Valentine’s Day advice.

What are your thoughts? Would you ever try any of the zany antics from above?

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