Bobby Brown Admits To Cheating On Whitney, But Says She Cheated Too [Video]

In an interview due to air after the much anticipated biopic about the late Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown dishes on their marriage and addresses rumors of infidelity on his part. Although he does admit that he cheated on his superstar wife, he says that Whitney also cheated on him.

As reported by Yahoo!, Brown admits to the cheating and said that they drifted apart despite the fact they loved each other.

“Both of us cheated on each other – period. So that’s hard to swallow for both of us. I just think when two people that love each other as much as we loved each other, when they start drifting apart, different people come into the situation, into the scenario, and we make mistakes.”

The Lifetime film, Whitney, premieres on Saturday and doesn’t shy away from any controversial topics about the couple. Along with addressing the rumored infidelity, the movie will also address her alleged drug use. As reported by E! News, along with depicting the singer’s rise to the top in music, Angela Basset, who directed the film, says she looked at the project as a love story.

“I just want them to go on the journey between Whitney and Bobby. I considered it a love story … They were there to love and care for one another, and it was quite a journey.”

The film portrays how the couple met and their first five years of marriage, including the birth of their daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who is now 21-years-old. Whitney and Brown were married for 14 years before they divorced in 2006. Whitney died five years after their divorce, at the age of 48.

The filmed interview with Brown, “Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney,” lasts an hour and Brown is frank in his admission about the infidelity in their marriage. Along with the rumors of infidelity and drug use, their marriage was also plagued with allegations of domestic violence. All of these topics will be mentioned in the biopic. Another rumor that is touched on in the film is about Whitney’s sexuality.

As the Inquisitr reported, rumors followed Whitney for years that she was a closeted lesbian and having an affair with her friend and personal assistant, Robyn Crawford. The film does show the tension between Crawford and Brown due to the affectionate nature of her relationship with the superstar singer.

Since their relationship was never confirmed, the biopic doesn’t dwell on the subject of Whitney’s rumored same-sex affair. Instead, as Bassett noted, it is more about her failed relationship with her ex-husband.

“We all know how it ends. And we all make mistakes. Most of us get to make them in private. Whitney and Bobby had to make them in public.”

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