Japan Working On “Cyberweapon”, A Virus To End All Viruses

In a move that sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, Japan with the help of Fujitsu, is working on a self replicating virus that can basically track down and remove viruses on a network. According to Daily Yomiuri Online, development of the virus has been going on since 2008 and has since been tested in a closed environment.

The cost thus far? $2.3 Million which was paid by the Defense Ministry. Here’s a brief example of what it can do:

“The most distinctive feature of the new virus is its ability to trace cyber-attack sources. It can identify not only the immediate source of attack, but also all “springboard” computers used to transmit the virus. The virus also has the ability to disable the attacking program and collect relevant information.”

This virus, while it has a bad connotation, is actually a good thing. If tests go well which things point to that they have, this could change how us humans and governments react to new and destructive viruses. Imagine this eventually getting to computer professionals. A small business gets a virus that infects many company computers. This “cyberweapon” goes in, finds the source, what’s transporting the viruses, and removes them.

Pretty exciting. While the Defense Ministry of Japan said there are no plans for outside uses and primarily used for their own defense, information leaks all the time. No doubt Japan will potentially license the use of this virus to end all viruses to other governments, so at least there’s that to consider.