New WeightWatchers UK Ad Cost $23m [Video]

Weight Watchers has kicked off its annual targeting of the overweight and insecure, just as everybody is making resolutions they’ll never keep. The company has launched a new $23 million ad campaign in the UK, and at just over three minutes, it’s one of the longest TV spots in history. It’s also a cynical tie-in for a new single by UK pop star Alesha Dixon.

The ad features hundreds of women and a couple of token men bobbing and miming their way through cobbled British streets, singing lines such as “I used to be so boring / Staying in bed all morning / Didn’t like my photo, I’m loving it now.” Remember, everybody: lose weight, fit in, or you’ll be boring for ever. Er, yeah …

See what you think while I go and defiantly consume a deep-fried Mars bar or four: