Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry PlayBook Tablet Gets Price Cut, Now Just $300 Each

Research in Motion on Monday took a drastic step when the company cut the price of its 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook to just $300.

We’re assuming this is a “while supplies last” type of deal given the sharp decline in pricing and if supplies don’t run out RIM plans to keep the sale going until February 4.

With the price decrease users can now purchase any of the company’s tablets for $300 or less, including the $199 16GB model.

For its part Research in Motion has been slashing prices since October, likely in an effort to make way for PlayBook 2.0 sales which are set to begin in February 2012. With the PlayBook 2.0 users will finally have access to native Blackberry e-mail, an option sorely missing on the original Blackberry PlayBook.

In the meantime the team over at Crackberry on Monday posted a PlayBook hack that allows the Android Market to run in Android Player, a trick that requires DingleBerry root and tools installed for both the PlayBook and in a Windows OS which are used to remotely control and load content.

According to Electronista:

CyanogenMod rounds out the tricks and lets the Android shell run more than the barebones content RIM normally has.

I am personally waiting to see what type of advances the PlayBook 2.0 can make over the first generation of the device before the idea of owning another RIM device in my life even begins to cross my mind.

Do you plan on picking up the modestly priced Blackberry PlayBook or perhaps even hacking your current device for use with Android?