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First Meteor Shower of 2012: Quadrantid Meteors to Dazzle on Wednesday

The Quadrantid meteor shower isn’t the most famous sky show around, but with clear skies and a dim moon on Wednesday, skygazers can expect a pretty good show to kick off the new year.

The Quadrantid meteor shower will be the first meteor shower of 2012. reports that the best time to view the meteors will be early Wednesday morning with the peak of activity occurring around 2 a.m. EST on January 4th.

2011 was a tough year for star watchers, as several meter showers were covered by clouds or washed out by a bright moon. The first meteor shower of 2012, however, has optimal conditions for a great show.

According to NASA, people who do stay up to watch the meteors on January 4th could see as many as 100 per hour. But unlike the Geminids, the window to watch the Quadrantid Meteors will only be open for a few hours.

Carole Holmberg, planetarium director at the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium, told the State Column:

“This year looks like a good year for them. They tend to have a pretty narrow peak, about 2 a.m. this year. If you want to set your alarm, go out about 15 minutes before that. Or if you just happen to be out and you see a meteor, you can thank the Quadrantids.”

Will you be watching the Quadrantids on Wednesday?