Street Fighter X Tekken screenshot confirms Ling Xiaoyu, M. Bison

Capcom took a break from revealing new additions to Street Fighter X Tekken‘s already massive roster, but it looks like they may have gotten a bit ahead of themselves and leaked two yet announced additions to the cast.

Going by a screenshot posted over on the Xbox Live Marketplace section of, it looks like Tekken veteran Ling Xiaoyu and popular Street Fighter villain M. Bison will be joining Street Fighter X Tekken‘s cast.

The image doesn’t actually the show the two in action, but you can clearly see their respective portraits in the above screenshot, directly above the life bars. As this was clearly an accidental reveal, we don’t yet have any information – or screenshots and videos – of either characters, but Capcom won’t likely keep us waiting for long before we hear more on both characters – the game’s out in two months, after all.

Street Fighter X Tekken will release on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox 360 on March 6 in North America, March 9 in Europe.

via Kotaku