Dennis Rodman to Coach Topless Womens Basketball Team

Dennis Rodman To Coach Half Naked Women’s Basketball Team

Forget the Lingerie Football League, former NBA star Dennis Rodman has decided to form and coach a female basketball club full of half naked strippers.

Based in New York City the team from Headquarters Gentleman Club are hoping to take on another rival club in the name of charity. According to the report the women will appear topless for the event.

It was Rodman who came up with the idea after former rival Spud Webb started his own team with Rick’s Cabaret. Spud also happens to run the Texas Legends, an NBA Development League team.

According to Rodman:

“I don’t know too many men that don’t like a good-looking woman running up and down around the court.”

The mixture seems a little odd, after all men attending the game could receive more “personalized” attention at the strip club and how many guys want to watch a bad game of basketball, especially one where the girls are further away from them and constantly running to the other side of the basketball court? Then again it worked for the Lingerie Football League but those girls are a bit more “hands on” with each other so to speak.

13 years after his departure from the NBA and this is what Dennis Rodman’s career has fallen to, it’s a sad occasion for Bulls fans who use to watch Rodman take on the NBA’s best offenses and humiliate them with enough rebounds to end a game himself.

Would you be willing to pay money to watch topless women play basketball? What if it’s for charity?

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