Darnell Docket Horse Collar Grab

Arizona Cardinals Defensive Tackle Darnell Dockett Fined $30K

Defensive tackle Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals was fined $30,000 on Friday for two illegal hits during his teams match against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The first hit against Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton cost $15,000 while the second $15,000 hit came from a horse-collar tackle against Bengals running back Bernard Scott.

During the Cardinal’s loss last week each of Dockett’s penalties also cost the team 15-yards with violation.

Darnell Dockett isn’t the only play who was hit with fines, Washington Safety Reed Doughty took a strike at the head and neck of Minnesota’s Christian Ponder as the quarterback went into a sliding dive, that hit ran up a $15,000 fine as well.

Continuing the fine list was J.J. Watt who received the same fine for a below the knee hit on Indianapolis QB Dan Orlovsky.

With lesser fines were 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis ($10,000 unnecessary roughness) and his teammate Richard Sherman with another $15,000 fine for unnecessary roughness (horse collar tackle).

With the NFL currently under fire for concussion injuries to their players we can expect to see more fines as referees feel the pressure of calling out hits that are deemed dangerous by the NFL front office.

Do you think the NFL is taking their penalty calling to far or is it necessary to protect the well-being of NFL players?