Kendall Jones: Texas Cheerleading Hunter Sparks Outrage With ‘Hottest Hunter’ Facebook Competition

Kendall Jones is in hot water once again. Apparently, the Texas Tech cheerleader has ruffled some feathers and sparked yet another hunting controversy. However, this time it may be a bit worse than before. According to the New Zealand Herald, Jones, who is known for her Facebook posts capturing her kills of rare and exotic animals, recently shared a Facebook post that has outraged hundreds of people around the world.

On Dec. 13, the 19-year-old cheerleader posted news about her upcoming competition: a quest to find the “Hottest Male Hunter.”

Here’s a shot of the Facebook post.


News about the hunting competition quickly began to circulate around the social media network. It garnered so much attention that Kendall revealed she’d received more than 3000 submissions from male hunters posing in hunting gear with “big game” trophies. But unfortunately, that’s not all she received.

In addition to the staggering number of submissions from hot hunters, she also received tons of hate mail from Facebook users around the world. Apparently, an overwhelming number of people aren’t pleased about Kendall’s support of killing animals. Fox News reports Jones has even received death threats for her pro-hunting perspective. Needless to say, some users were quite brass with their opinion of Jones and her controversial hobby.

Here’s some of the brash comments.

“What warped pleasure would you get from killing these beautiful cats? or an elephant, rhino… etc?”

“Let’s hunt you for your blonde locks …”

“You may love your makeup but it doesn’t hide the monster you are.”

There were even users who shared their disdain of Kendall via Twitter.

Some Facebook users are so furious that they have reportedly taken things a step further. On Jan. 5, a petition was launched via addressing Facebook about Kendall and her pro-hunting post. The petition is asking that Facebook “stop promoting the glorification of killing protected species.” The petition, which currently has a little over 300 supporters, has a goal of over 760,000 signatures.

Although she’s sparked an explosive controversy, this isn’t the first time Kendall has received backlash for her hunting excursions. Last summer was actually the first time she made headlines for numerous Facebook and Twitter posts she shared that angered other users. However, she’s not concerned with the negative response. She recently spoke out about the competition, her reason for doing it and her sentiments of the “anti-hunting crowd.”

Here’s what she had to say.

“The real reason I did this whole competition was to prove that what really pisses off the anti-hunting crowd is not that I hunt, or that I pose with my trophies, or that I’m proud of my achievements… it’s the fact that I’m a girl and I’m doing these things.”

“What really pisses off the anti-hunting crowd is not that I hunt… its the fact that I’m a girl and I’m doing those things. I’m NEVER going to stop. I’m proud to hunt, proud to cheer, proud to wear makeup, and especially PROUD TO BE ME!”

Do you think Kendall Jones should be forced to stop posting pro-hunting photos on Facebook? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via Facebook, (2)]