lamichael james

LaMichael James is Terrified of Space Mountain

LaMichael James isn’t afraid of anything… except roller coasters. The Oregon Ducks’ running back has a fierce presence on the football field, but put him in the vicinity of a Disney amusement park, and, well, see the photo above.

LaMichael, who was a Heisman finalist in 2010 and probably would have been in the top five if it weren’t for an injury, will be playing in the Rose Bowl on January 2nd in Southern California.

And since the Ducks are in California for the week James and his teammates decided to make a trip to Disneyland. Thankfully for us, teammate Kenjon Barner decided to tweet a few photos from the team’s memorable trip down space mountain.

Barner wrote:

“Damn LOL Spacemount does something to you.”

A second photo was later posted to Reddit.

lamichael james

The Oregon Ducks will play the Wisconsin Badgers next week at the Rose Bowl and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some posters of a terrified LaMichael James making their way through the crowd.

But before Wisconsin gets a little too cocky, here’s a LaMichael James highlight reel.