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Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Wood’s Former Mistress, is Pregnant

Rachel Uchitel, who gained international fame after her affair with Tiger Woods, announced on Twitter that she was pregnant.

Uchitel married businessman Matt Hahn earlier this year after they had been dating for several months. Uchitel is currently five months pregnant.

Uchitell tweeted a picture of her and Hahn checking out her baby bump in the mirror, saying:

“Expecting big things for 2012… Five down, Four months to go. @MattyHahn checking out my baby bump at 5 months.”

A source told the Daily Mail that Uchitel found out that she was pregnant after her and Hahn auditioned for “The Amazing Race.” The source said:

‘She found out she was pregnant when she auditioned for The Amazing Race. They were going to try out to be a couple on the show, and when she had a drug test, it came back positive that she’s pregnant!’

Here’s a picture of Uchitel’s baby bump.

baby bump

Uchitel, who is most famous for her affair with Tiger Woods, has also appeared on the reality show “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” and “Famous Food.”