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Kim Kardashian Labelled a Grinch by PETA

kim kardashian peta

Kim Kardashian is the latest target of attention-seeking animal rights group PETA, which puts me in quite the dilemma: who do I loathe more in this story? Only kidding, it’s Kardashian. By a Kountry mile.

The reality star has been named one of PETA’s ‘Grinches of the Year’ for her ongoing commitment to wearing fur. That’s in stark contrast to her little sis Khloe, who posed naked for her own “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” PETA ad (despite err, wearing fur). Anyway, here’s what PETA had to say about Kim’s fur-ocious appetite for a nice fur … whatever that is in the pic above:

“It took Kim Kardashian just 72 days of marital bliss to shed her husband Kris Humphries. It’s too bad the socialite princess doesn’t have the same penchant for shedding her animal skin collection. Unlike her sister Khloe, who starred in her own PETA anti-fur campaign, Kim just can’t seem to divorce herself from fur and say ‘I do’ to a more compassionate wardrobe.”

*Trying to be outraged by PETA mocking a woman’s broken marriage … can’t … quite … manage … it.*

PETA didn’t stop at Kardashian, however: also on the Grinch list were Janet Jackson and “We Bought a Zoo” director Cameron Crowe. Hell, all three are more deserving of a hysterical PETA campaign than poor old Mario.

So readers, is KK one of your sleb grinches of 2011? Tell us in the comments below.

[Via PETA]

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18 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Labelled a Grinch by PETA”

  1. Cecilia ArNor

    sweety, she IS SELLFISH, doesnt care about her husband, much less animals, is all about her and what she wants…

  2. Abdulrasheed Akanmu Alh

    Hi kim, can you tell the whole story abt the of your guys.what is pro.

  3. Brandon O'Neill Carangi

    This article is a waste of space and time to read. What she wears has nothing to do with her recent divorce and or her sister. I know I will probably get hater comments from this but honestly get off her nuts and let her breathe. I mean seriously this article was pointless just like me taking the time to comment on it…

  4. Abdulrasheed Akanmu Alh

    if you want to protect the rigth of animal come to africa.

  5. Rafa Blanco

    Deja Carmack : learn how to write and spell 1st before you reply… your watching of the kardashians has overloaded your poor little mind!

  6. Priscilla Westover

    Brandon if she doesnt care about animals then she doesnt care about people.If your in the eyes of people with your fame and power(MONEY)set a positive example and stop being so selfish!The world is about people!If she doesnt focus on others then her fame and money is worthless to herself and others!

  7. Priscilla Westover

    Deja Carmack ..She chose to be on tv and air her life,so how we percieve her is how she presents herself!Dont be on a reality Tv show if your brain is still undeveloped!If you dont love animals,then you dont love america!

  8. Brandon O'Neill Carangi

    I just think it was a pointless article…People just have to have someone to talk about, thats what makes the world go round. My mom has furs but I dont see her as any less of a person. I mean animals were put on the earth for a reason. I dont agree with abusing them but yeah she was just pointed out just because…

  9. Priscilla Westover

    Brandon O'Neill Carangi She shouldnt be on tv if she cant handle some criticisum..she is a role model for young people..If she could think deeper than the surface she could do grreat things for people and the world and herself..She is very pretty and could help alot of people with her words once she finds steps of compassion leads to greater choices!!!

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