Aliahna Lemmon

Aliahna Lemmon Found, Babysitter Chopped Her Up With a Hacksaw

The search for 9 year old Aliahna Lemmon has officially ended with her trusted neighbor and babysitter, Michael Plumadore, beat her to death with a brick. He then used a hacksaw to dismember her, keeping the 9 year old’s head feet and hands in his trailer freezer and dumping what was left at a nearby business, according to Allen County Sheriff’s Investigators

Plumadore admitted to police that after beating her to death with a brick he stuffed her body into a trash bag and put it in the freezer in his trailer. Later on that evening he took the body out and chopped it up with a hacksaw and stuffed the pieces into freezer bags.

Plumadore is not saying why he killed Aliahna Lemmon

A State judge has ordered Plumadore held without bail or bond. As of this writing he had not been formally charged with murder yet.

Aliahna’s mother had left her and two of her sisters with Plumadore because she was sick at home in bed with the flu.

Plumadore told The Journal Gazette on Sunday that Aliahna had gone missing from his home Friday morning. He claimed he had been sleeping after going to a convenience store to buy a cigar, which was corroborated by the store’s video camera.

He reported Aliahna missing on Friday night. Aliahna’s sisters supposedly told him the girl had gone home with her mother that morning.

Saturday more than 100 volunteers, law enforcement and FBI agents fanned out around the neighborhood trying to find Aliahna, a $10,000 reward was posted for information leading to her whereabouts.

Sheriff Ken Fries said detectives questioned Plumadore over the weekend and that he was arrested Monday.

“The story just didn’t make sense to our investigators or to me when I first heard it,” Fries said Monday night. “I thought this is the guy we needed to focus on. If we are going to find her, he’s going to be the one who has the answers for us.”