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Consumer Confidence Soars As Shoppers Flock To Retail And Online Shops

Consumer confidence soared in the United States during the month of December according to a report from the Conference Boards’ Consumer Confidence Index.

According to the report confidence shot up by 10 points in December to close at 64.5, the highest reading for the scale since April. That number is also significant as it appears to be reaching ever closer to post-recession high of 72 witnessed last in February.

The metric also revealed that consumers were more upbeat in their economic views, a score that increased from 38.3 to 46.7. When asked about their own prospects over the next six months consumers once again felt significantly more positive in December with an increase from 66.4 to 76.4.

While the increasing numbers are a good sign for American and international businesses they are still far below the 90 average often seen when the economy is strong and most people have jobs.

According to the Director of the Confrence Board:

“While consumers are ending the year in a somewhat more upbeat mood, it is too soon to tell if this is a rebound from earlier declines or a sustainable shift in attitudes.”

Have you felt more upbeat about the prospects for the United States economy lately? Base off my own unscientific examination of mall parking lots during the holiday shopping season I would say more people are willing to spend this year then they have in the last few.

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